Greed and Money in the Great Gatsby

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We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found. In the novel Gatsby wanted to get with his dream lover but he never got the chance with her because she was too shallow and stuck up. The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzerald in the 1920’s. Fitzerald was the only son of and “aristocratic father” and “energetic mother, he attended college at Princeton leading figure in dramatic society. The author his self has been lonely because his parents didn’t accept his decision when he stopped going to school. The Great Gatsby is mostly about greed and money everyone wants one thing to themselves but don’t get those things.

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“Greed and Money in the Great Gatsby”

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A primary may Fitzerald illustrates the theme of loneliness is through his setting, In the novel it states that Gatsby never accepted his parents for who they were so this shows that he already started as a loner. The war was also a major part of loneliness because these men could not see their wives if they had one. Also, the war has showed that the men at the time was lonely because they were surrounded by death. Gatsby has always been lonely ever since he was a young child. Even at parties Gatsby was by himself he never really gained any friends. It’s like he never wanted to be bothered with anyone. All these little things show how loneliness took part in the novel most of the characters faced loneliness throughout the whole entire novel.

The character’s in the novel all show a hint of loneliness from the choice of words the author has used. One character by the name of Nick Carraway says, “Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window after all” This show that nick was already feels like he is an outsider and doesn’t belong. Daisy was also caught at a lonely point in the novel she stated “I woke up out of ether with an utterly abandoned feeling… I turned my head and wept” she felt this way because she discovered that her husband was cheating on her. This shows that not only Gatsby was at a down point and felt lonely because all the character has faced this so-called loneliness. All these characters find and lose people just to realize that they are right next to them, all them are mostly alone throughout the novel. Loneliness was a big part of the book because the characters really have all faced this.

The Green light show Gatsby’s hope and dreams for his future with daisy. In the book Gatsby bought a house across the lake just to see the green light on daisy dock every night. The green light also symbolized that for Gatsby him and Daisy are on the same level and they might someday end up getting together. The color of the light seems to be a sign of hope, rebirth, or sickness, greed, and death. All those things are the signs of the green-light which all have a way on the characters in the novel they all deal with each and every one of those things. It Gatsby says “she seemed to be the representation of what he yearned for” this means that he really loved daisy but can’t exactly get to her. The green light basically is a symbol to show they love for one another in the book.

Although Gatsby spent his life looking to love Daisy, he never got the chance to be with her before dying. The great Gatsby was a book based on people with hopeless and lonely lives even though they had all the money they wanted. All these things stated in my essay proves that the “American dream” is not really what people that live here make it seem. In this life everything will not be as perfect as you may want it to be, so you have to get through it all. You may feel alone but you should at least try to let people help you through the pain and loneliness. Life may not always be the exact way you want it to go but you still have to push through and make it the best it can be. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen but can be touched they must be felt with the heart” this quote means that your life can be touched with just one experience of something great in life.

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