Branding and ‘Air Asia’

Branding is one of the marketing strategy Air Asia used to help customer to identity their product or services. A brand can position itself by associating its name with good value and benefits. Air Asia, is a brand provide experiences that satisfied the desire of customer to travel around, reach their destinations and fly above the sky. Air Asia is well known as a low cost airline in Asia. There is no denying the fact that low-cost service is the strategy of Air Asia to achieve their slogan that everyone can fly. Besides, current economics make consumer sensitive about the price and the value or benefits that can get for the money. They often seek new experiences to travel but at the same time save money as spend in a little amount. Air Asia is using marketing service firms. They use marketing to position themselves strongly in chosen target markets. Their slogan, now everyone can fly is a strong statement that indicate Air Asia promise to have an air flight services that satisfied people to travel with low fare.

When we talk about low-cost airline, the first airline company that people will think of will be Air Asia. This help to develop their brand name and build strong brand identity of Air Asia that distinguish Air Asia with other competitors. Besides, Air Asia breaks through stereotype on low cost is followed by low quality, and both of them is a package. In Air Asia airlines, even that is low cost fare but in service quality that having a good quality. It is certified with 3 star low cost airline rating by Skytrax. And it also the best low-cost airline for seventh in a row. ( The Star 2018) Low cost airline encourage people to travel. People will travel more often when they can save money. They go to locations that they might not have gone to otherwise because they can afford the airfare. This means that more people are able to travel the world than ever before. Airline travel used to be for the elite, but with low-cost airlines like Air Asia, it is becoming an option for more people, encourage travel to certain destinations. (azcentral, 2017) Low cost airline target leisure customers, not business passengers. As business travelers don’t really care about the price as much as leisure travelers. (Wharton, 2017) Leisure travelers that doesn’t travel frequently may not have the direct experience to distinguish between airlines and therefore may use a price decision to simplify their choice. The reason why leisure customers are more price sensitive is because the economy of Malaysia is slowing down. (The Star, 2018)

Therefore, consumers who see little difference between airline offerings will aim for the cheapest price, as it represents the most value for them. 

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