Benefits of Introverts and Extroverts in Social and Academic Fields

“Personality represents a dynamic orientation of an organism to an environment” Mathur and Hemlata, (2017). However, Asthana, Asthana, & Ojha (2016) indicated that personality is the totality of a man inner and outer self-interacting with each other. North (1949) reported that extroverts are individuals who focus on outer things while introverts focus on individual self. Mathur and Hemlata noted that Car Jung was the founder of these personality types. They further noted that extroverts tend to have a behavior of being animated, outgoing, gregarious and talkative while introverts tend to have the behavior of being reclusive and more reserved. Jacob (2014) implied that introverts are known to be the quiet one in a group, and usually take any roles, but they could also step up and talk, they can be a leader.

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“Benefits of Introverts and Extroverts in Social and Academic Fields”

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The introvert is someone who prefers a calm minimally stimulating environment, they are characterized as very self-aware, thoughtful, very understanding, reserved, reclusive, quiet, enjoy small groups of friends, enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. Being introverted has many benefits like the ability to focus more also (meaning to be a great listener ), being much more productive, being more careful with words, having a rich imagination and a lot of creativity and many other things. These benefits can help shape the person they are and help them in things like school or a job, anything that seems like a responsibility or goal to them. The extrovert is someone who’s the opposite of an introvert, the extrovert is someone who’s outgoing, confident, companionable, excitable and open. There are many benefits of being extroversion, like being expressive, great at communication, high esteem, excitement, and heath.

Introvert also know as introversion is a personality type that tends to avoid a large group of people, feel more energized alone, enjoy solitude and more internal thoughts and feelings than letting it be external. An introvert is usually very self-aware, quiet, reserved, thoughtful, reclusive and independent but not all introvert is the same, some are very reserved and some or quite social. Introvert behavior is quite noticeable, they habitually have a few friends and hang around a small group friend, they also think before they speak, they enjoy being around them because of there more comfortable with them and they are very observant.

Jacob (2017)’Introvert students do not need to be ‘cured’ by being changed into extroverts. Instead, teachers and students, including the introvert students themselves, need to appreciate the strengths of introverts, such as being careful listeners, detailed observers and reflective thinkers.’ In this way, cooperative learning can be a growth experience for all students, as well as their teachers. Introversion bring a lot of benefits like creativity, it helps to bring a lot of creative ideas, while introvert enjoys solitary this could help them think a lot about things, introvert tends to be very thoughtful with things.

According to Jetta (2017)’While extroverts may adopt the values of the group and what is mainstream and popular, introverts tend to have their own preferences that are less influenced by trends. They may gravitate toward things that are obscure, unusual, or downright strange. Because they spend more of their time on their own, away from the places extroverts commonly occupy, they’re apt to develop perspectives, ideas, and insights that are unorthodox and novel. The introverted theoretical-physicist Albert Einstein once stated, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind’. Being introverted manages to stay focused on things for a long time, this mix with a mindful mentality equals a lot of creativity. (Praticia Weber, 2011)

‘Our ability to focus for longer periods of times can help to get a task done sooner and possibly better’.There also great listeners this could be mean a lot and be beneficial because being a great listener can tell a lot like that you’re easy to teach, being able to understand, this could be helpful in understanding others and in school, also other things that others can’t conjecture, there the type to think before they speak. (Prema Jayabalan,2013) ‘Introverts are known to be calm people and automatically have a calming effect on those around them. This comes in very handy when an organization is facing a crisis. Having these people helps ease tension faced and get the others to mellow down. Once the situation is brought under control, then practical and solvable solutions can be thought of easily in order to rectify the situation. Introverts also tend to keep people grounded which helps when the going gets chaotic.’

Extrovert know as extroversion is the opposite of introvert, there seem to have an outgoing and sociable person, there seem as very friendly and approachable. An extrovert is the most common type of people, extrovert enjoys social situations and are the ones that really enjoy being around anyone. Extrovert tend to get bored easily with a task or things without people around. The trait that an extrovert hold is they are optimistic, friendly, gregarious, action-oriented, adaptable, open and confident.

Extroversion and for introversion is usually a determine about the environment you are in, like if a person who was always around people and talkative as a kid is usually an extrovert, while introvert was the type to be less talkative as a kid, and prefer solitary. Extroversion behavior is characterized by a very positive outlook, being friendly, highly adaptable and dynamic, extrovert are the ones to most likely make friends with the people that have the same extroversion level as them and make more friendship form while the introvert is the one to make friends with people who are introverted and extroverted (ambivert).

There is a variety of benefits of being extrovert, like being socially active, this could make you gain more friends and having friends could give you more opportunities and new experiences in life, another benefit is being expressive, being expressive for an extrovert is very beneficial because you could easily express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas to other you know. (Crystal R. Lombardo, 2016) ‘Among other types of personality, an extrovert can express his feelings easily compared with introverts, which means that he can let his heart out with anybody. This expressive nature can be a huge advantage for him as it can help him become relaxed and feel good. Moreover, this will enable him to get more good friends, though it can also create more haters’.

Being extrovert it could be beneficial to your health because being extrovert you could easily express feelings and they speak a lot, so these traits help them stay relaxed and this could reduce stressed for an extrovert. According to (Anvi Mehta, 2014) ‘ Talking a lot and expressing feelings easily can be beneficial for the health of extroverts. These two traits help to keep the mind and soul relaxed. The stress and tension are reduced, which in turn reduces the adverse effects on the body. People who keep things to themselves and do not talk or laugh much tend to fall iller as compared to people who are very talkative and happy’.

Introvert works differently in an environment and usually prefer a workspace that has solitary and quietness, introverts usually in school are the ones who are quiet, who usually don’t speak, so most teachers and students view them as a misunderstanding and perplexing person, this makes teachers and other students companions frequently see them as bewildering, so if that introvert individual don’t understand the information that’s given to them at school, the teacher won’t notice because their usually reserved. Introverts aren’t usually seen as a leader because their traits, most people view a leader as confident, communicative, open and stable, all these traits fit the personality of an extrovert, so that’s why most people see extrovert as a leader because their personality is basically being outspoken and optimistic. But I usually see introverts as very intelligent individuals, that have the capacity to understanding.

In a group, introverts are quiet because they’re in a group of people who they don’t know and this could result from them being uncomfortable, introvert usually choose a group of close friends because of there ample with those people, meaning they’re comfortable with them but some introvert just don’t want to speak in a group, because they probably understand their role in the group like according to (Cain and Jacob, G.M.) ‘Cain urges that introverts identify the group roles with which they are most comfortable and then take on those roles, usually the non-speaking roles. I tend to disagree because schools are not like companies; in schools, the goal is for students to try on new roles. Furthermore, Cain notes that when introverts need to, they can step into the limelight, speaking and otherwise performing’.

Also introvert usually work alone because of their quality of creativity and originality, some introverts think that being in a group with people they won’t work because the group they are in probably won’t accept their ideas, that why introverts prefer the aura of being reclusive because they know they won’t be anyone judging their originality like cited in ( Jacobs, 2014) ‘argues that learning, productivity, and creativity tend to decline when people work in groups rather than alone. She gives the example of a task in which graduate students were to develop a list of equipment needed in a survival situation. One of the groups did poorly despite the fact that one of the group’s members had substantial experience in the specific survival context. What went wrong? That person was an introvert, and the extroverts in the group did not let him speak.’

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