Author Sophocles Displays a Conflict

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Most teenagers disobey their parents, break rules every once in a while, or rebel out of anger, stupidity, boredom or just impulsiveness. In the Greek play, Antigone, author Sophocles displays a conflict among Antigone, a teenage girl and her tyrannical, ruling uncle, Creon. When Antigoner’s determination and impulsiveness results in her breaking the law to bury her beloved brother, Creon, with no remorse, automatically sentences Antigone to death. Despite the fact that many characters in the play are flawed, Antigoner’s impulsiveness results in Haemonr’s death, Creonr’s downfall, and her own death. Antigoner’s actions have caused things to spiral out of control, and lives have been lost including Haemonr’s; her future husband.

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“Author Sophocles Displays a Conflict”

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When Haemon cant choose between his tyrannical, autrocious, father and his lover, he commits suicide, and soon after, so does Tiresias, his mother. When standing up for Antigone to his father, Haemon exclaims, Were you not my father, I would call you a fool (Sophocles 779). Before exiting, Haemon argues, No- not in my sight- never think this can happen! Shell not die beside me, and you will never lay your eyes upon my face again, so rage with any of your friends who can bear it (Sophocles 776). Those are Haemonr’s last words before he takes his own life. If Antigone hadnt acted on Polyneices death, Haemon, and even Tiresias could still be alive, but when Haemon is put in the middle of his lover and father, it is impossible for him to decide where to stand. Creon doesnt know that by putting Antigone to death after she breaks the law, that it will lead to his downfall.

Miserably, Creon says, Woe is me, these things will never fall on another person so as to exonerate me, for I killed you, O unhappy I, I claim truly. Servants, take me away right now, take me out of the way. I dont exist any more; Im no one (Sophocles 1323). A very arrogant King Creon wants to remain ?loyal and maintain his laws, however, itr’s at the end when he realizes that by doing that, his sonr’s and his wifer’s lives are taken. Before exiting, Creon exclaims, Let this rash man be led out of the way, who, my child, unwillingly slew you, and this woman, you, too- alas! I have no where to turn to, nothing to lean on, for everthing goes cross in my hands, and a difficult fate falls on my head (Sophocles 1247). It is only after his downfall that he realizes the mistakes he has made. However, by then itr’s much too late to fix anything and he has lost everything.

Pride and arrogance had overcome Creon, and played a huge role in his downfall. Antigone caused her own demise. Antigone is a bit too prideful and does not obey the law that King Creon has set: that no one can bury Polyneices’ body. Instead of following the rules, Antigone decides to bury Polyneices because he is family and she loves him. However, she doesnt see the bigger picture: death. Ill bury my brother- your brother too, too, though you refuse!

Ill not be found a traitor (Sophocles 47). However, Antigone isnt a traitor. She, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. She doesnt listen to obediant sister Ismene either, who tells her she should follow the rules. Antigone argues with Ismene when Ismene says no to help bury Polyneices and states, Use that excuse, if you like, but I indeed will go and heap and tomb for my dearest brother (Sophocles 81). Antigone is being ignorant of her consequences and doesnt take them very seriously until she does. Antigoner’s teenage impulsivness has resulted in 3 downfalls, two of which being death.

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