Assisted Suicide, Coercion and Elder Abuse

One side of the argument says that it is wrong for people to die before their time. Many religions find it sinful and wrong. There are also the morals and values of the medical professionals. It the article, Attitudes towards Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, it says, …when controlled for religious practice, psychiatrists participating in this study expressed more conservative views regarding euthanasia than did physicians from other medical specialties. Overall, physicians who consider themselves religious orthodox indicated more conservative views concerning euthanasia in general compared to the subpopulation of physicians (405). The study that was taken in this article says that religion plays a strong role in the morals/perspectives of some medical professionals. However, religion is not the only reason to be against euthanasia or assisted-suicide.

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“Assisted Suicide, Coercion and Elder Abuse”

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In most countries, assisted suicide or euthanasia is unlawful and illegal. In the article, The Role of and Challenges for psychologists in Physician Assisted Suicide, It says, The practice of PAS is widely considered to be a criminal offense; however, the practice is currently legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana (Oregon Death with Dignity Act [ODDA], 1995; Washington Death with Dignity Act [WDDA], 2008; Baxter vs Montana, 2009).(582). Although assisted suicide has become legal in 3 states does not mean much. There are still 48 states that have not legalized this practice. With this many states, many people question if this practice should be used. However, this is only one example of how opponents view assisted suicide.

If assisted suicide is legal and that can be interpreted as some lives are not good enough, or worth saving. This can easily turn into people thinking that the law is saying that they do not matter, especially the disabled or elderly. For example, if assisted suicide was put out more as an option too the terminally ill, then it would seem the doctor is not giving compassion but sense of giving up and hopelessness. Also if assisted suicide became legal it can open doors to elder abuse and other bad things that can go with bad people getting their hands on these lethal drugs.

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