Antigone Critical Thinking Questions

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1. Antigoné faced a dilemma of picking a side between her family. Should she side with her loyal family members that disowned a son, or should she break forbidden rules and bury her brother that she once loved? I can understand why she felt indecisive to help put her brother to rest, even if he was a traitor to the city and king, but I can also understand if she leaves him lay in the empty field to make him pay for his disobedience that they were taught to follow. I know how hard it is to pick between family, especially when you are a caring and forgiving person. I think I would have done the same thing to give my brother a proper burial even if I were told otherwise.

2. The central problem to this play is the disobedience Antigoné shows towards Creon and his harsh actions to punish her for the wrong doing. I think Antigoné’s rights should assume priority to bury her brother because after all she has been through, she deserves the privilege to make her inner peace. Both Creon and Antigoné have their own headstrong opinion that makes a resolution to their problems virtually impossible because they are too stubborn to give in to each other. If they want to resolve any of their issues they must yield to one another and forgive in order to make peace, otherwise they both will fight till death because of their own pride.

3. Sophocles characterizes Antigoné as a bold, independent women who stands up for what she believes in. She is portrayed as strong and brave, able to stand up to Creon. Creon, on the other | £ hand, at first appears strong and powerful, but as the play progresses to the end you see that Creon is nothing more than a scared coward trying to make right what he has done wrong.

4. Haimon, son of Creon and lover of Antigoné, is sickeyfby his father’s actions to punish the worn he loves. Haimon’s conversations with his father are always very heated and aggravated for he can not understand his father’s cold heart and harsh actions towards others, even when it comes to family. This reveals the conflict that Creon has with even his own son, which proves how tough it is for others to get through to Creon to show him that he has become all too mighty and powerful.

10. Towards the end of the Bley, it finally starts to endorse Antigoné’s value of standing up for what you believe in, even if others think it to be wrong. She taught others to forgive and forget because sometimes people are so passionate about what they believe in that they can overlook the consequences that will follow. Creon never even gave Antigoné a chance to hear her out then before he realized what he had done, which by that time was too late. It was Creon’s own pride and power that led him down the wrong path that made him feel guilty and alone for all the death he caused.

11. In Oedpus Rex, Creon was a wise and sympathetic man who would have gave his own life for another, especially family. Though Creon seemed wise in Oedipus Rex, he soon followed the same treacherous path as Oedipus himself in Antigoné, turning into that foolish king that sees no one but himself, hurting all others who surround him. When he gained control the city in Antigoné, the power that Creon now had turned him into a cold-hearted person who thought he could never be anything but right. Unfortunately that rich power only led him to others death and despair.

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