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Analysis of Latino boom, An Anthology of U.S Latino Literature by Christie and Gonalez (2005)

Introduction The Latino boom, An Anthology of U.S Latino Literature by Christie, and  Gonzalez  (2005), comprises of excerpts and Latino Literature that were originally written in English. In this Anthology, the writer has presented the works of well-established writers alongside the voices of emerging writers from different Latino communities. In this work, students of literature and other readers are invited to evaluate Latino literature from various perspectives. The works in this book are thematically organized in terms of poetry, fiction, drama and essays. This analysis evaluates the African elements presented in this Anthology  and  how these elements are applied in today’s American society. Visual works of art Among the African elements presented in this Anthology are the visual works of art by the African Americans, Chicanos, Cuban Americans and the Puerto Ricans. In addition, there are also elements of graffiti, textiles and decorative arts. The significance of visual arts even in today’s American society cannot be overemphasized. This is because it plays a core role in various professions, and expertise including, but not limited to sculpting, literature, painting, music and many other professions and hobbies. It is quite interesting to note that these and many other areas require some kind of creative output from an artist. An artist is recognized as a person who performs some kind of creative work. Additionally, this is related in one way or another to intellectual pursuit, and academic studies. Although this may not be the right perspective of what art or the work of art entails, it should be noted that most great inventors and scientists of the past and present were, and have been artists in their own right. Hence, the significance of art, art education and its reach within the society could not be over-emphasized at any time (Langer, 2006). Narratives Narratives are also widely used in this Anthology. Among these include the “The lost World, Latino narratives, the Lost World among others. In essence, human beings have told stories since time immemorial. Before narrative could begin to use symbols, elders used to tell them regularly to children for upholding the history of that particular society. In the present day perspective, people are still conveying stories which they also love to hear. These narratives give the hearers encouragement, wisdom, insights of their culture and others, as well as entertain the audience who hear, view or read these stories. Further, these stories shape the negative and positive life experiences, which in turn create a unique feature of each individual (Gustafson, (2008). According to Gustafson (2008), narratives uphold the moral integrity of any society and individual. Further, it also shapes an individual’s ethical characters, and influences their perception towards other cultures. This is an important aspect in the perspective of America, which harbors people of different cultures. Magic This Anthology also includes an aspect of magical realism, an element that is popular among Africans.   Magical realism challenges reality through incorporation of the marvelous elements in the day-to-day aspects. This translates that texts of magical realism are disoriented from reality, and do not have political motivation. According to Morrison (1992), magical realism is significant since it provides a challenge to societal stereotypes. The author goes on to articulate that  magical realism can serve to free an African- American from the thoughts of racism, generation or  sexualization in  a word that embraces these aspects. He points out that in this type of the World, imagining may serve the purpose of becoming and therefore, delineate the negative perception and thoughts of an individual. References Christie., J   Gonzalez, J .(2006). Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature. New York : Pearson/Longman, c2006. ISBN 10: 0321093836 / 0-321-09383-6 Gustafson,J. (2008). Varieties of Moral Discourse: Prophetic, Narrative, Ethical, and Policy.  Calvin College, The StobLectures,2008, 19-20,.Grand Rapids: Wm.B.EerdmansPublishing Co .Langer, S. (2006). Cultural Importance of Arts. Journal of Aesthetic Education. Vol. No., Spring 006 Morrison, T. (1992). Playing in the Dark. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, p. 1005
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