Thank you Ma’am Character Analysis

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Main Character

Mrs. Jones works late hours at a stunner shop. Everything about Mrs. Jones is bigger than normal, starting with her astoundingly long name. She is huge enough in height to drag a young kid down the road. She is likewise uncommonly lenient and liberal. In spite of Roger’s endeavor to take her wallet, she brings him into her home. She takes care of him, talks with him, and gives him cash. She is the fundamental person of this story, on the grounds that the entire story is based on her and her excursion with the optional person, Roger, after he attempts to take her satchel. Actual Description Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is an enormous african american lady with brown complexion and hair. Thrown across her shoulder is an exceptionally enormous satchel wherein she conveys all she could at any point require. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones by Isabelle Pozas

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“Thank you Ma’am Character Analysis”

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Roger is an ignored young person with nobody at home to ensure he’s eaten or washed. He is an awkward cheat who comes up short in his endeavor to burglarize Mrs. Jones. Regardless of his endeavored burglary, he needs to be viewed as reliable. Rather than fleeing whenever he gets the opportunity, he attempts to compensate for his offense by offering to help Mrs. Jones. He then, at that point eats the dinner she offers; when he leaves, he says thanks to her for how she has helped him.

This person is a round character on the grounds that the creator reveals to us very about the sort of individual she is through her activities, similar to how she confronted Roger directly and how she needed to help him rather than turn him in to the police; we discover that she is charitable. We discover a great deal about the house where she resides, the kind of food she eats, and how she had a type of upset past as a youngster. … Static She character is a static person since her character doesn’t change particularly all through the story.

Her objective to show Roger something new and help him come out better as an individual is set up the whole story. … Hero Thank You, Ma’am Character Analysis Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is the hero of the story in light of the fact that the entire story is about her, and despite the fact that it is told in third individual, it kind of recounts the story according to her point of view. She didn’t respond the manner in which I was anticipating that she should respond when Roger attempted to take her satchel; rather than handing him over to the police, she truly attempted to help him.

This person likewise had a disturbed life as a youngster, and she didn’t need Roger to misstep the same way. This person interests me in light of the fact that… Passionate Description This person has a thoughtful heart. She would not like to hand Roger over, yet she really needs to help him and keep him from misstepping the same way she did. She is extremely trusting with Roger when she lets him be in the room with her tote.

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