An Example of Renaissance

The bodily features of all the figures are proportionate and studied by the artist, the only one who looks slightly larger compared to the others is Jesus. What stood out to me here is the comparison of his right leg to Maryr’s, they seem to be the same size. I believe this also serves to show that he is no ordinary baby like Mary was when she was a baby. Although he is large in size, his body still remains proportionate to his limbs and head. Pesquera also uses the garments in which he dressed all the subjects to define the bodies and their postures

We see he uses chiaroscuro to create shadow along the creases of the folding garments. Everyone is well covered and wrapped in their clothing Pesquera had no choice but to uses their clothing to show shape, size, and limb positions. With this chiaroscuro he brings volume to the figures and even their mass. For example Anner’s clothing looks a little more stuck to her skin in some places showing us that she is old, weak, and probably does not weight much. We dont find much space between the figures because they are stacked on top of one another, but he did leave some spacing separating the couples. This even gives Jesus more room to move around and do what he feels like. Just by looking at the folding of this sculpture you can tell its smooth and has defined lines to make it pop out of the wood. After all this is wood that has been painted and gilted for that gold color. I like the fact that this is a piece with minimum color, we only see the skin tones and hair colors being black, orange gold, and grey.

I believe that this art work holds the meaning of reminding everyone who views it that Jesus was not only the son of God but also made into human flesh. He had a family who loved him and admired him, like we see him here as the center of attention. He did not float down from the sky into Maryr’s arms he was formed in her womb and became a man. We do not see any references to his pain and suffering here, he is only living in the moment and so are his parents and grandparents. Although he was a normal baby we can still find the Spanish religious sense in that they are adoring him and admiring him here because they all know who he truly is and his purpose in his life.

I loved this pottery (Figure 3) because it is actually something I would like to own and have at my house to admire. I love the craftwork and special detail given to the patterns, design, and the lid on top. There is so much going on in this craft yet only three or four colors are being used to their maximum. The handle looks very elegant in its shape, but the added creatures at the top and bottom make it look like no ordinary pitcher and even dangerous. The frog shape headed creature at the beak has his mouth open to fit what I think is either a small cap to close or the beak itself. The added length of its body gives me a sense of balance to the handle on the other side. I like the fact that they both compliment each other in length on each side. My decor style at home is similar to this piece here in the sense of having uniqueness and craft.

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