A True Love’s FAIL

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“Hi. My name is Prince Charming. I am going to be telling you the story of how I met my beloved Cinderella. It was all thanks to my nagging father, the King. Here’s how it started. My father wanted me to get married, so he could see his grandchildren before he passed away. Every day, in and out, was always the same, “When will you find a lovely girl to wed?” “I want to see my grandchildren.” Constantly nagging me. Anyways, one day he decided to take matters into his own hands. He threw a ball for me to find a wife at.

That was just like him, always being selfish. Now, it’s the night of the ball. He sent an invitation to every maiden in the land. Not that I need that many choices, but it’s the thought that counts. So, every lady files in, anxious to get a dance in, when all of a sudden I see the fairest, most spectacular maiden of all. She looks nervous and is constantly glancing at these two wretched girls, and an older woman ( who I later found out was her step mom and step sisters). I’m thinking to myself ‘wow maybe I should steal her away for a dance’. So I go to find her, ignoring my father, and the line of ladies wanting to dance with me. I see her, and everything about her seems to be glowing, almost as if with magic. I knew from that moment that I wanted to marry her. Anyway, I go up and ask her for a dance. She looks startled but says yes.

She is an amazing dancer, and I find out her name is Cinderella. What an interesting name, for such an interesting girl. We danced and danced all night long, but every minute she was growing more and more worried. I tried to ask her what was wrong, but then the clock struck midnight. She ran, and I followed her, but in the process, she lost her lovely glass slipper. I go back inside to find the wretched girls wanting to dance with me. I politely declined and informed my father of what happened. We decided to launch a search to find her, using her shoe. So, the ball wraps up, and I didn’t pay much attention to the other girls that danced with me. For the next week, we went around and around the kingdom, to every house, and had every maiden try on the shoe. None of them fit, and we started to lose hope.

Then, at a house near the end of the kingdom, there were the wretched girls again. I knew it was not them, but to be fair on our search, we let them try on the shoes. It did not fit either of them, so I asked if there was any other lady in the house. Lady Tremaine (the stepmom) said there were no more people in the house. I sighed defeatedly, but when I looked up, there was someone else coming down the stairs! She was covered in cinders and ash, but she was such a beautiful person. She said that she would like to try on the shoe, and we let her. It was a perfect fit, and to top it all off, she had the other one! The very next day was our wedding, and we lived happily ever after. Until now that is.” “Cinderella, what do you think?” said the couples therapist, aka her fairy godmother.

“I didn’t know you still felt that way! I’m so sorry for starting all the petty fights!! Please forgive me.” said Cinderella. “Of course.” The Prince said to her. “Now that it’s all worked out, back to the, HAPPILY EVER AFTER” said Fairy Godmother. After that, the king did end up getting to see his grandchild before he passed away. Though there is still a few more to come, he passed happily knowing one of them would know him. All was well in the kingdom, because Prince Charming and Cinderella soon after, became King and Queen. And the happily ever after lived on. For a while, at least.

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