A Pharmaceutical Test

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100 million rats are killed a year by being poisoned and painfully burned. They are used for psychological experiments, toxicology tests which induce, terror, anxiety, and depression. These mice and rats are electroshocked into pain studies. Drugs from cocaine to methamphetamine are pumped to their bodies and are even given cancerous tumors. Rats also had holes drilled into their head for brain experiments. Rabbits are mainly the victims for testing especially for their eyes. This experiment is called the Draize eye irritancy test, using products such as dishwashing liquid, and drain cleaner to be dripped onto their eyes.

Redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhaging, cloudiness, or blindness is caused by doing this test (Peta, 2018). Another experiment involves shaving the rabbits back and putting chemicals to their raw skin leaving it there for up to two weeks. Thousands of ticks are also put onto their back letting them eat the rabbits skin for days. After all these experiments these rabbits get killed. Another animal that get tested on are primates. Primates are often shot from their homes in the wild with dart guns and take their babies who are in panic from seeing their mother killed.

After getting taken away from home and family primates are put in cages that don't have enough room to stand, lay, or sit. Primates feel lonely, bored, insane, pain, and misery. They use Primates for many things such as, Pharmaceutical tests, Vaccine tests, Military experiments and training, Maternal-deprivation experiments, and Invasive brain experiments. A pharmaceutical test is when they stick a thick tube down primates nostrils to pump drugs into their stomachs. Studies shown pharmaceutical has a 95% failure rate on animals. Primates suffer and are given infectious diseases when giving a vaccine test even though they've failed to make effective vaccines for humans.

These different tests on all these animals cause them to go insane. Animals start spinning in circles, rock back and forth, pull out their own fur, or bite themselves. More than 100 million animals suffer and die every year by getting tested on. That number is too high and its cruel to do to animals who have family, feel pain, sadness, or loneliness exactly like a human being. The federal government waste many dollars on animal experiments instead of using alternatives that would actually benefit humans and animals. What we can do to help is to use products from companies that don't test on animals.

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