A Personality of Calvin Coolidge

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 Throughout American History there have been presidents who have made promises in order to secure people's vote. Many presidents break their promises or do not accomplish what they promised. Calvin Coolidge was not one of those Presidents. Even though he obtained ?presidency by stepping up and doing the job of a Vice President and leading the Nation when the President itself was no longer living. Coolidge served a six year term (1923-1929) of presidency due to the fact that he had to finish the last two years remaining in Harding term, and was then re-elected for an additional four years after that, but decided not run again on the elections on 1929. Although Coolidge was a man of small talk he always made his point come across very clearly by establishing Economic, Domestic,  Foreign Policies as well as using the power to veto.


        President Coolidge was a Republican who believed in free enterprise and was in favor of a small government or minimal government intervention. During his Presidency on of his goals was to reduce taxes on people because he believed that  Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery. In 1924 he signed the Revenue act of 1924 which stated exactly what Coolidge wanted, the reduction of tax rates on the citizens as well as the deflecting federal debt. Americans highly benefited from his Economic Policies. During the roaring twenties because now many americans had more time and more money to spend on themself, and they started to have a more lavish styles and costumes something that could have not been possible without Calvin's


        In attempt to change the way African Americans were treated during this time, Coolidge's effort to enforce the study of civil rights and proposed multiple anti-lynching laws that of course were not adapted by the people and that congress turned down . These laws were ahead of their time and had a very slight chance of getting approved. Mainly because during this time not many were comfortable believing that African Americans, or other minorities shared the same equal rights as the whites. One of his successful Domestic policies was the  Indian Citizen Act which granted American Indians the right to citizenship if born in the U.S or if they marry a natural American citizen rather than trying to make Americanized and destroyed American Indians culture. Calvin Coolidge gave the Americans Indians the privilege to be free while being able to practice and passed down their culture.


        During his presidency Calvin Coolidge did not state that The United States was an isolationist country. As matter of fact he wanted open borders with many foreign countries, especially China.  In efforts to expand trade between countries and to financially benefit from open trade. Calvin approved The white Act of 1928 which increased ship productions to potentially inflate the amount of import and exports in The United States. Having this open trade policy created some problems with neighboring countries. Coolidge was concern with the secureness of American businesses and war against Mexico was rumored. His concern was that

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