A Persona Of Emmett Till

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  Look what Mississippi did to my boy (Mamie Till, page 131) His mom quoted when she was informed of Emmett’s short life and terrifying death. Emmett had an amazing life  as a black boy in Chicago. He had a white girlfriend, great school, a numerous amount of friends, and the most important one, no hate or racism.

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Emmett was living his life! He really liked exploring and playing baseball. He was a normal boy that did not deserve the death he had. In 1955, Emmett Till was tragically tortured and murdered in Mississippi leading to his mother displaying her son’s body. Triumph that it shocked the whole world and it started the civil right movement.  

To begin with in 1955 the south was still segregated nowhere more so than Mississippi. Emmett Till, a 14 year old black boy from Chicago, went to visit relatives in Money Mississippi and also wanted to go see his cousins. He did not understand the southern culture nor danger that existed for African American. Although Emmett’s mom though it would be a terrible idea, Emmett was really looking forward to it. Indeed she was right, it was a terrible idea (Houck&Dixon, magazine).

Furthermore, according to Pophan, Emmett Till was first abducted from his uncle house because he was visiting and staying there. He was taken at 2 A.M or sometime after. After he was abducted, Emmett was killed especially tortured as well shot, and additionally they burned him. After that those 2 white men decided to hide the fact that they killed Emmett Till. They tied Emmet to a heavy object and threw him down a river nearby. After Emmett uncle report about him missing he was found in a horrible condition in a river. They were sent to court. The court only took 30 min and it was because they wanted a beverage. They were sent off the hook and sent them free. Although they were set off free, Mamie would not let this finish like this (Houck&Dixon).

Emmett’s mom demanded Emmett’s body to be buried in Chicago. Mamie Till decided on an open coffin, to see what Mississippi did to her child. It was a hard journey for Mamie Till, but she she said that would make it.This funeral shocked the whole world. Millions of people all around the world came to see this funeral. A lot of Negros and even white people were really upset about this. Most people felt like this had gone way to far, so they revolted and took a step. This caused one of the first movement to end racism, this was a bad cause, but it had an amazing effect.

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