A Case in Copenhagen

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It was normal day in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark in 1926. As any other day people will be seeing shopping in the local market and other people working as usual. Einar Wegener and Gerda Gottlieb were a regular couple like any other. Happy married for 6 years with a bright future and what is more fascinated both were painters. They meet in art school and since they were together. The art and culture made them feel a connection, so the art make them a happy couple. Einar Wegener was very known in Copenhagen for his work and people usually murmur that his work was on top of the rest. Unfortunately, Gerda was struggling with her art which make the relationship a little complicate time to time.

One day everything changes, one simple action will set in motion a series of events that no one could foresee. After Gerda's work was refuses by the local gallery she gets frustrate, and in order to rush an order she ask his husband Einar to fill in as portrait model. But not just any model he was asked to wear a woman's cloth. Einar felt a strange sensation by seeing the cloths touching his body the finest of the leather caught his attention something inside him awaken. The idea to dress like a girl for Einar was something that he could not predict, but he felt comfortable. After that event occur Einar's mind change, and he started to use his wife cloths. For his wife this kind of behavior was only a game since she was the one who asked him to wear a dress for her portrait. One day a party was being held in a gallery and as usually the Wegener were invited but Einar was not to excited about the event, so Gerda told Einar to go with her but not like him but as Lili Elbe. Lili Elbe was a creation of Einar and Gerda which was dressing Einar as girl, but in Gerda mind this was a game, but in Einar head this was not a game anymore. Einar was not Einar anymore his mind was being replace for Lili Elbe.

All this time he is being thinking about the sensation of dressing like a girl, being excited about how men look at him dress as a woman. Many days had pass and Gerda Gottlieb does not recognize his husband anymore. He spends most of his days as Lili. In one attempt to liberate her frustration Gerda stars painting about Lili which results in something new to the era and she was offered a job in France where her painting will be sold and held in the most famous gallery of France. After they move to France Einar is losing his mind he does not know who he is anymore. Lili has taken over his mind, and Einar is no longer attracted to his wife his double personality is creating a complex problem. After fighting about who he really is Einar decides to seek help, but nobody can help him. From theories of chemical imbalance, to treatment with radiation, unethical procedures, and being call an aberration, perversion, and immoral. He loses all kind of hope with doctors.

After trying everything Lili stars taking over Einar body without conscience. Gerda tired of the situation tries to seek help for Einar and finally she finds a person who may cure Einar or at least help with the situation. By this time Einar Weneger is gone and Lili Elbe is present in everything and seeing the help that Gerda was able to find only makes that Lili wanted to be a real woman by having a sex reassignment surgery which never was done before. Having realized her true self and with Gerda's unconditional support and love, Lili embarks on a journey as a transgender pioneer. The operation was set in two parts one of them was remove the penis and the second one was the creation of a vagina which in the time was extremely dangerous because it was never done. After the fist part of the operation Einar Weneger was gone and Lili Elbe was born and the days after the first part of the operation was the happiest days for Lili Elbe she was feeling like never felt before those were the best days of her life.

When the time arrive for the second operation Gerda was still missing her husband, but she was feeling guilty that because of her his husband now was a woman. They went to hospital where the second operation was programmed. There was not going back for neither of them. The operation was never done, and anything could go wrong. The operation was a success but unfortunately the operation had complications and Lili Elbe was fighting for her life. After the operation Einar really felt as Lili. She was a complete woman and had dreams about her future. A couple of days after Lili Elbe die for complications on her operation.

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