RTMM Inc Case Study Analysis

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RTMM Inc is a software development company. It was recently established to meet the current global demand in technology and its related activities. With the efforts of the software engineers who are currently working in the company, more achievements of the vision and mission stated in its act are being realized daily. Moreover, there exist more opportunities whereby new employees will be offered a chance to use their skills in improving the current position of this company and have a chance to develop them further. Since the company is engaging itself in the development of software, it is also focused on the self-development of its esteemed staff members. These are the people who are likely to be attracted to the position with a salary of 410k and the other package benefits. People who are likely to be attracted to the position Senior Accountant RTMM Inc is focused to sell its products in many different places. In this case, there will be huge monetary transactions taking place every time. This leads to the need of having a person responsible in keeping records of these transactions for future reference. It is also very important that Business Properties are protected.

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“RTMM Inc Case Study Analysis”

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The accountant will get a chance to review the stated amount, especially during purchase of items. He/she will also be reviewing and considering the various types of invoices expected in the company. In addition, the company will have to meet some legal requirements which may include taxation from the government as per the provision of the law. It is in this area where the base of returns, statements and documents are prepared and kept. Programmers Different technical activities take place in this company. Computers, among other equipment operate by use of power supplied from other firms. There is the need to regularly check the power distribution and also regulate in accordance to the requirement of each equipment so as to avoid damage that may affect regular operation of the company. Since there is more involvement in computer usage, their maintenance will be highly valued and put into consideration. Technicians will also be required and get regular instruction, directions and guidelines for the software engineers. Section Managers Since the firm is interested in meeting global competition, different managers will specialize in different activities.

The production process will require a person, who will engage in a thorough research of deducing from the society, what is needed, Cooper, (1983). He should be very interactive with junior staffs too, so as to understand their skill and devotion to work. In conjunction with the software engineers, production manager will be able to influence the competence of this firm. As seen earlier is inevitable in the process of creating awareness about a firm’s existence. After the production of software in this firm, they will have to be sold to the prospected customer for a specified period of time or with a given rate. The sales manager will have the role, through the assistance of several marketing officers, of creating awareness of software products, give knowledge, convince customer why they should like the product, how to use it and where to purchase it. These activities mainly take place in the televisions, infomercials, online radios, press, billboards, streets and mobile boards among others. Security director Whenever a number of people come together for a common purpose, there is likelihood that regular misunderstanding might be taking place.

It is therefore necessary to have a person who will be involved in the security concern for all staffs in and outside the company. He will ensure that the rules and regulations stated in the company’s act are not overlooked. He will be required to apply sound judgments when responding to law enforcement and legal requirement stated in the company. During the transportation of products, he will also be required to take the details of the person involved and the vehicle used. In addition, he will be in a good position to give feedback to the management concerning the current challenges in his department and his proposed opinions in putting the company in a safer position. In relation to executive protection, he will be required to conduct thorough investigations.

Products innovators and researchers According to Storey &Easingwood (1998), for a company to keep on growing, there is the need to constantly compare its operation with that of other firms. These people are supposed to be professions who have gotten close interaction with members of the society, other companies, and the manager concerned with production. They should also liaise with the sales manager to give them knowledge on branding, blending, packaging and distribution of products. Recruiting manager, RTMM Inc., P.O. Box 20th January 2014 Keisha Jackson P.O Box Dear Keisha Jackson; Re: consideration in the previously extended job offer. I would like to notify you that RTMM Inc has considered you qualified in working with this software development company as a software engineer. It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the company letting you know that after selecting you in this competitive job offer, the concerns you raised have been closely reviewed and none of your requests have been overlooked. RTMM Inc. is a software development company that is currently working closely with the employees to realize the demands of the society.

It has been my concern on behalf of the company to ensure that those who secure positions in the company are highly qualified where in this case you fit. As a matter of appreciation in your efforts to meet these qualifications and experience you have, the company is guaranteeing you a job security, bonuses which will be on an annual basis, 401k, you will get the opportunity to develop yourself further in different areas, I will also assure you that in this company there is autonomy of work at all time. You will also get a chance to enjoy a variety of tasks, and be assured that it will be easy for you to adapt to our culture as we embrace individual differences. There will also be a chance to work in higher positions whenever an opportunity arises depending on your competency. With the above regards, please report in the recruiting manager’s office in two days to get further details about the operation of this company and its social responsibilities. I am looking forward towards positive cooperation with you! Conclusion On realization that the above positions have been filled, the company will be in a position to become competitive globally and serve many clients every second. It will also have a chance to expand with time, hence offering more employment opportunities.


  1. Storey, C., &Easingwood, C. (1998). The augmented service offering: conceptualization and study of its impact on new service success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 15 (4), 335’351.
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