A Brief History of Business Ethics

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1960's -During this period, the code of conduct and values statement was established. Up to this day in every business there is a certain code of conduct that every employee and employer must follow. With the simplest rules as being considerate, respectful, and to no harass. No matter where you go whether it is a big corporation or just working in the McDonalds you have to obey the code. This code was created to provide a professional and friendly environment for their workers. It helps people get along in the work environment, and being able to fired or to call security if anyone does not want to obey it.

1970's-  In this period of time the values movement began to move. During this period of time women were seeing as less capable then men. women were not allow to search or ask for the high paying job. The high paying job were only for men.article written by Emily Seamone. This movement was created to show that we are all equal no matter the gender. Now in this day's women are able to ask or get whatever job they want. Still women get paid less than men even in this days we are still fighting for it to be the same. The Federal Corrupt Practices Act passed in 1977 was created to stop people for trying to bribed government official to keep their business running- according to this article of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Till this day this act is still used today. One example, is the  the Houston Based Oil, they agree to pay $5 million dollars to compromised for violating of the FCPA for payment made to an official responsible for making negotiations with Mexico's state-owned oil company.- according to this article SEC Enforcement Actions; FCPA Cases.

1980's- In this time the companies created the position of ombudsman. This position job is to  help individual and groups solving the conflict or concerns- What is an Organizational Ombudsman article. This job position was created  to provide protection for certain person where a substantial imbalance of power is located.- The Role of an Ombudsman article. The article also says thatombudsman still exist not only in the public, but also in covering private and independent sectors.  This position job is still connected to how the business environment works today because you can still find places where companies are looking for this position. The False Claim Act was also created at this time. This act was created for the purposes of Targeting fraud against taxpayers, Medicaid and Medicare- False Claims Act Legislative History article. This article also mentions that  The False Claim Act is the most effective whistleblower protection and awards law.  This Act is still used today an works in the same way in our business environment today. Another article declares that  Since 1986 to 2015, the federal government has recovered $48 billions  of cases under the False Claim Act.- False Claims Act Resources Center .

1990's- Class-action lawsuits was first introduced in this year, and is still something that continuous to happen in our Business Environment today. It was created to help those groups of people how have suffer from the same or all most alike injuries.- Class Action Cases article. I remember that while watching the television sometimes they show a commercial that is a possible class action lawsuit. The commercial always said that if you buy this certain product, and now you are suffering for this illness to call them. That you were a victim and that there are more people like you suffering from the same product. There is even a webpages that list medical items, so you can sign in if any of does did harm to you. Federal sentencing guidelines, was created because  prior to 1987 judges will decide the sentences of a person, and because judges think differently the sentences was never the same for the same crime.- Sentencing Guidelines article. In our business environment today maybe we have change some of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, but we still used them today. Royal Dutch/Shell International begins issuing annual report on its ethical performance is still happening today. In fact. The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Royal Dutch Sell PLC happen in May 23. Based on the speech that Charles O. Holliday and Ben van Beurden, saying  The slogan about trust and that is important especially in today's environment to get the trust of all our stakeholders, customers, investors, employees- The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Royal Dutch Shell PLC article speech. Based on what the article said this was created to help a lot of people working together in a business environment.

2000's  Business regulations mandate started to be created during this time.  The Sarbanes- Oxley Act was created thanks to some accounting scandals in the company Enron. As the article The Balance Small Business says. This act is still used today and it celebrates 15 years of being successful and provide assurance and restore the investor's confidence- according to this article written by: Craig Clay and Daniel Kim. Anticorruption effort grow is something that still happens today.  The economy, governments, and social environment are the most important to take care of.  The U.S. Anti-Corruption has three elements to stop this and they are Preventing Corruption and Increasing Accountability, Strengthening Law Enforcement across border, and the last one Tackling the Corruption- Security Nexus.according to the U.S. Department of State .This element would help keep our interest and social being more safe. Something that is till very important in today's business environment.

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