12 Angry Men: the Defense Attorney’s Speech

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Gentlemen of the court, I wish to mention to you three pieces of proof that prove this young child is innocent. I would like to evaluate the acquisition of the knife, the old man hearing a shout, and the movie theater. The future of this young child is in your hands currently, make the right choice. Locate him innocent.

First of all, the blade that was acquired the evening of the murder. After battling with his father, he intended to get away from his home. He resides in the shanty town, a very dangerous place. Feeling he needed protection, he went to the shop and also got this blade. He is extremely experienced of blades, and below is something to think about. The injury that was located on his papa cut at a weird angle. It would have been a an underhand cut if this young boy had actually stabbed him. Not like the overhand wound found on his father.

What regarding the old man claiming to listen to the young boy shout? Exactly how could this be possible? The old man does not have that good of hearing. Likewise, at that very same time, the train was going by his house. This train is extremely loud. How could an old man with inadequate hearing hear this?. This old man is not a believable witness to the murder of this guy. You can not think what he stated. The train was simply as well loud for him to possibly listen to the yells of the kid.

After leaving his home, the kid visited a movie to avoid every one of this. He was under overall stress and anxiety. I am sure he did not care to take a look at the title of the movie. He probably simply wanted in to escape. This way his mind was focused on various other things other than his father. He thought that if he escaped. he would come back in a better state of mind to be with his papa.

I have provided you with the three best factors of evidence to verify the innocence of this young boy. Consider this, just how could a young boy do this to his father? Although he was a victim of abuse, I like is still inside him. That is why this young boy is innocent. Now keep in mind, Jury, this is a life and death scenario that sits in front of you. Make the best decision, or the young life of an innocent kid will certainly be ruined forever. The defense rests.

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