Your Life is very Valuable

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Life, isnt it a precious one? Life is very valuable and full of moments that will last a lifetime. God has given us this one special life and how we act upon it can say a lot about us. Each individual has their own perspective on how they want to live out their life. I think sometimes people forget to be thankful for the life given to them, or either regret the life they’re living. Sometimes many moments can be taken for granted merely because they happen every day. What makes life special can consist of having your family around you, taking some time to talk with a stranger, and knowing that you have helped someone even with the smallest thing. We look at things differently pending on how we live out our day to day life. The moments that stick with us can be the most important part of our lives and a 16 year old girl showed me that. I believe God can guide us, even in the midst of tragedy.

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“Your Life is very Valuable”

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Yellow, I’ve seen it every day since September 8th, 2017. It was her favorite color. Maddi was the definition of beauty, love and positivity. Her smile and laughter could light up the room and her love for life radiated through her. Her dedication to God was something she demonstrated daily in her actions. At just 16 years of age she already knew the true meaning of life, even if she did not realize it while she was on this earth. Her passion was to serve God and live through His name and she did just that. I remember one day her vividly expressing her love for Jesus and how she could not wait to meet her creator. Her goal was to not be rich with money, but with happiness, knowledge, love and laughter. As morbid as it may sound, her death has taught me to slow down and focus on living in the moment, to love and honor God, but most importantly to treat people with kindness and compassion. Tragedies in our lives can take you down two paths, either destructive behavior or bitterness, or down a path of forgiveness while finding beauty in your own life. You can live for the moments and be in the now or you can dwell in your past and worry about your future. How you live your legacy effects how you leave your legacy.

Nothing helps you appreciate the passing beauty of life more than death. Nothing helps you recognize what is important in life more than death. How you live out your day, the connections you make with people, the love for your family, the nurturing for your children, the stories shared to live out your legacy, and the memories made are God’s gift of life, and through death we learn to grab a hold of them because in the end we know they won’t last forever.

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