Who is to Blame in “The Crucible”?

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There were horrific events described by the author. In this essay I will explain who is to blame. 

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“Who is to Blame in “The Crucible”?”

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In the play the Crucible many people that lived in Salem in 1692 were convicted of witch craft and were killed. One of the main characters to blame was Abigale Williams she was a teenager in the sixteen hundred. That was obsessed with a man named John Proctor in order to get Proctor she resorted to witch craft with her uncles Barbados slave Tituba. She wanted Johns wife Elizabeth Proctor to die so he would go wither and in this proses she had acted like she got cursed by everyone she did not like. She also made her friends get in on it so that she could have the people that she did not liked killed.

The blame in this play is not evenly spread but still is blamed on two people. The blame is on John Proctor for falling for Abigale when she worked at his house. The blame is also on Abigale for wanting John Proctor enough to go and lie to the hole town and to the court. The blame is kind of even because if John would have never fallen in love with Abigale then all the people that Abigale blames would be alive and not dead. John is a little less to blame because he didn’t try and try to be with Abigale like she did to him and he kind of didn’t care about her after what happen the first time. But she went tried everything in the world even witch craft to live with him and to be his wife.

So my stand on the book is that Abigale and John are to blame for the whole thing happening because if Abigale would have never danced in the forest and would have never tried to get with John then John would have never been hung. Abigale is a selfish, lying, manipulative teen and she used this to gain protection from the town. John is a strong, hardworking, well known man in the town and he used this to attempt to gain the towns trust over Abigale and failed. Abigale never realized that she was going to kill the person she wants with what she was doing. John was a pride full man and up to his death he was loyal to his wife and in the conclusion Abigale is to blame.

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