Was the Atomic Bomb a Solution?

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Without the atomic bomb, Japan would have won and completely destroyed the United States during World War II. The world as we know it today would cease to exist, and would be unquestionably much different.  Americans created the atomic bomb with the intention to destroy; choosing not to use it would have been a waste of both time and resources. Months of hard work and dedication were put into making the device. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan was instrumental for the United States in ending the war, bringing peace, and saving the United States reputation.

Without the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima the war would have proceeded for many more months or even years. From the beginning of the war, it was clearly going to be a difficult one defensively. The Japanese were relentless, and incredibly clever with their war tactics. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and this caused the United States to enter into World War II. Shortly after the U.S attacked Okinawa in hope of being able to obtain all of Japan. The Japanese neglected to show any sign of stopping even after Americans nonstop bombing them at Okinawa (Greiner). This shows the Japanese determined outlook on the war. The military in Japan was opposed to anyone even mentioning surrendering.

Those who proposed it would often have been imprisoned for their way of thinking. President Harry S. Truman at the time of the attacks knew something had to be done, and knew to respond with appropriate behavior. He states When dealing with a beast, you must treat him like a beast (Greiner). Truman knew that actions had to be taken seeing that the Japanese were not giving up anytime soon. Soon after Okinawa the Japanese began to use Kamikaze pilots. These were men who flew their planes out, and knew they weren't coming back. They would dive from the sky straight into U.S ships causing incredible damage, and in some cases completely destroying the ships (Ending the War Against the Japanese). Seeing that men were giving their lives up to win this war shows that Japan wouldn't stop until they themselves were stopped.

With the dropping of the atomic bomb came an end to a war, and the surrender of feuding countries. The bomb introduced atomic power into military tactics. At the time few scientists knew the effects or were unsure of what may happen making it an even bigger threat. Countries were afraid of how many more there were, and if they were next. This instilled fear in them, and left them wondering. The only way they could ensure safety from being bombed was to surrender. For those claiming innocent lives were being harmed, the U.S sent out the Potsdam Declaration; a document warning the Japanese of what was to come if they didn't surrender (Ending the War Against Japan). Peace was offered with just a threat of what the bomb could do, but the Japanese refused and allowed for themselves to be bombed. After the dropping of the bomb Japanese and American people had very different reactions. The Americans celebrated and were filled with the feeling of relief, because they knew that soon enough their loved ones would be returning from war (Burns).

The Americans were overjoyed and had large parades and extravagant parties to welcome home their beloved soldiers. Overseas though the Japanese were left in a much different state. They were dazed and confused by the bombing, and by the devastation they had just faced (Burns). Their reactions to the war were different, but without it they would still be wondering when it would end. The bomb brought an abrupt end to the war, but it still brought peace or a time of calm between warring countries.

Despite the bomb killing hundreds of thousands it ultimately saved lives and the United States' reputation. Thousands died in battle every day, and when battles were fought nonstop those thousands add up (Greiner). Those thousands were men who were either drafted or volunteered to risk their lives for the U.S. If fighting had continued at the rate it was going millions more would have died for both the Japanese and Americans. The war could have continued on for an unknown amount of time. Ending the war with the atomic bomb saved lives, and ended a countries suffering period. Robert McNamara fought as a war pilot during World War II and was also the United States Secretary of Defense for a period of time. He believes that if we didn't do what we had to the U.S would have been destroyed (The Fog of War).

Someone who fought in the action believed that the U.S had to do what they did to stay afloat and relevant as a country. He saw the deaths, explosions, and pain of those dying and knew that to end that they needed to come back at Japan and assert America's dominance after the bombings at Pearl Harbor. If the United States hadn't won they would be viewed completely differently. If the war had ended on any other terms the U.S would be seen as war criminals for all those they had killed (The Fog of War). War criminals are ones who mistreat their prisoners of war or civilians. So because of their victory their neglect and abuse on Japanese prisoners was overlooked (The Fog of War). United States winning saved their reputation, and saved them from looking immoral to other countries and their own people.

Ending the war, bringing peace, and saving lives and reputations is what the dropping of the atomic bomb did.  Without the dropping of the bombs the United States would be viewed differently, and be in a completely different state of economic power and status. The bombings made America a weapon of war. Few knew the other powers in their grasp, and were frightened by the unknown. The bombs showed America's relentless side, and called for a new reign of power.

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