Triumph or Tragedy of Treaty of Versailles

Furthermore, another fundamental cause for why the Treaty of Versailles must be directly considered as a tragedy is due to the fact that the 14 points or peace terms that were implemented by the United States president Woodrow Wilson within the peaceful negotiations made to end WWI were contradicted. As although the Treaty of versailles was the official document that ended WWI as the implementation of these principles directly played a major key towards convincing Germany to accept the laws and restrictions imposed by the treaty of Versailles . These were part of the speech delivered in a Congress meeting in January 8th, 1918 as he attempted to convince the Allied powers to diminish the punishment imposed on the Central powers outlined in the peace terms in the Treaty of Versailles (Wilson Outlines the Fourteen Points, During his speech U.S president Wilson listed 14 strategies that ensure national security and worldwide peace as he advocated equal trade conditions, national sovereignty for those weakened European empires as well as the reduction of arms. As for him this was a direct alternative to demonstrate an equal distribution of power among all nations, as it would prevent individuals all around the world from being treated unfairly! Which is why following his speech president Wilson embarked on a trip all around the country in order to spread his message and encourage American citizens to desire to ratify and support this extraordinary ideology that would in part strengthen the relationships between nations all around the world along with developing the League of Nations.

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“Triumph or Tragedy of Treaty of Versailles”

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But unfortunately as president Wilson fulfilled two attempts towards ratifying these propositions while returning home he suffered a devastating stroke which led to his power as the president of this predominant nation to be weaken which resulted in the rejection by the congress to accept these even after Sir William Wiseman which was the main head of British intelligence in America accepted these 14 points, as well as France along with Italy on November 1st,1918. Subsequently, these actions that were taken by most of the nations that were primarily involved in WWI encouraged Germany to follow the Treaty of Versailles but upon discovering that due to Wilson’s stroke during the Paris Peace Conference the French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau decided to express his dissatisfaction with Germany as he possessed a negative perception regarding Germany as he considered that it need to pay for the heavy damage and destruction that it caused to France’s industries and on its citizens in WWI. This led to him imposing various demands that ultimately sparked a feeling of chartered as germany considered that France was attempting to modify the agreed guidelines that had been promoted before germany’s approval of the Treaty of Versailles; unfortunately this led to the rise of political parties that promoted national socialism.

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