Themes of the Tempest

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The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare, and has the many themes. Different versions of Power like Control,Disloyal, Forgiveness and revenge. In the play Shakespeare says Farewell Master (Act 2, Scene 2) this made me to believe that Caliban was a slave. Basically giving notice that Caliban didn't have any power. Caliban was under a spell Prospero's put on him so he basically did become a slave to him. Prospero's took advantage of him. This also indicates Caliban has a low title in the community because he obeys Prospero, but on the other hand listen to anyone but himself. So you can see whose title is higher than the others. This situation somewhat isstrates diversity in the play. Shakespeare doesn't give you false allegations of Caliban's charter, initially the reader will assume that his status is low. He is weak and powerless because he is not honoured with a human shape ( Act 1, Scene 2) . Trying to down talk him basically compared him to animal. Saying he is beneath Prospero. This is how the illusion and magic theme basically starts because of the power Prospero put out to control Calibian into the inhuman slave. Shakespeare shows many ways how magic controls the entities. Although Prospero treats Ariel as a servant , and Caliban as a slave they still hold different positions in the chain. One of the main biggest themes in this play is hatred and revenge between everyone. Prospero came and took the island from Caliban. Which makes him infuriated and revengeful. In my opinion, Shakespeare uses the theme of hatred,continuously and especially here because it shows that Prospero uses hatred to mistreat Caliban and to show a comparison in the treatment between Ariel and Caliban. When the writer says lying slave it shows us Caliban is not trustworthy. This links to the character Ariel, as she owes Prospero and to repay him she offers herself to become his servant. The reason Ariel is in debt to Prospero is because he released her from a tree where Sycorax confined her, so she has no choice but to obey Prospero orders, however Caliban does not which shows the comparison between the two characters.. Additionally, it suggests that Ariel treated humanely and Caliban is treated the opposite way, contrasting the two characters. This links to the other themes present in the text, such as revenge and reconciliation because we can infer that Caliban and Prospero will try to conspire against each other or to usurp and take away each other's authority. When Shakespeare says The isle is full of noises this makes the reader think the island is full of magical creature like Caliban, Ariel and much more. Caliban's speech is extremely significant and compelling; largely because of how unique it is from anything he has said before. Caliban regularly describes the intrinsic worth of the island, but commonly these descriptions recount to the torments Prospero subjects him to. Shakespeare has done this to take the reader into a hypnotic dream world. Caliban is intoxicated when he gives this speech, and while it absolutely brings the audience to rapt attention, the speech does not do a lot to transform Caliban's character and it also reveals a deeply tragic side of Caliban. His life on the island is so dreadful that he longs for the ethereal world of the noises that give him delight .In my opinion Caliban is telling Trinculo and Stephano not to worry however Caliban does not seem to know where the noises are coming from. The theme this links to illusion and magic because magic and illusions are used to take the reader to a magical world. When Shakespeare says red plague rid you for language me your language! this makes the reader believe that Caliban's relationship with Prospero and Miranda is not good. This speech, delivered by Caliban to Prospero and Miranda, makes clear in a very brief form the vexed relationship between the colonized and the colonizer that lies at the heart of this play. The son of a witch, conceivably half-man and half-monster, his name a near-anagram of cannibal, Caliban is an archetypal savage shape in a play that is much concerned with colonization and the controlling of untamed environments. Shakespeare has done this to show how Caliban use the language he was taught by Miranda. It is only a regular reminder of how he is dissimilar from Miranda and Prospero and how they have transformed him from what he was. In my opinion the writer does this to compare how they treated Caliban before and how they treat him now. This links to this theme change and transformation because we can see Caliban's behaviour and attitude towards Prospero and how large his desire for freedom is. When the writer says I might call him a thing divine this makes the reader think Miranda is attracted to Ferdinand. Ferdinand and Miranda's type relationship shows Shakespeare's ideas about true love, recognising not just the emotional side of love, but the physical nature as well. Shakespeare does to show how Miranda relationship with Ferdinand is different to Prospero. We can infer that Ferdinand is attract to Miranda because in Latin origin meaning worthy of admiration. In my opinion Shakespeare's has done this to show the relationship between them. This links to theme like change and transformation because Miranda change when she met Ferdinand and how her love towards Ferdinand. When Shakespeare states that being once perfected how to grant it influences the readers belief that Prospero was once a respectable man with a high status before a previous event. The Tempest, like many of Shakespeare's plays, has sustained to elicit a broad variety of scholarly interpretations and has eluded any conclusive judgements as to its dominant themes or the nature of its character.
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