The Process of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence which was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 can be considered as one of the most important document in terms of American history.Because this document proclaimed that Thirteen Colonies were not under British rule any more.Thanks to this statement , colonies united against England and they announced their independence. The process leading up to The Declaration of Independence did not emerge sudden.Many events such as restrictions and rebellions etc. pushed the colonists to a point where they wanted to fight for their independence. Political and economic interference of England and the impact of ?’Common Sense ?’ on the society affected the development of The Declaration of Indipendence. One cause of development of The Declaration of the Independence was political interference of England. Because , first American colonies were established mostly by people who escaped religious pressure of England. These people wanted to have freedom not only about their religious belief but also in their social life.The number of colonies increased and they progressed in time, nonetheless they were still governed by the England.The British government let the colonists govern themselves with little interference until 1760’s. 1760’s could be thought as a turning point because England increased s interferences in order to maintains control over colonies with strict precautions and various laws.Colonist began to worry about these laws and they felt as these laws threatened their right to govern themselves.The more interferences increased , the more conflicts increased between England and colonists. Consequently ,these disagreements created the idea of seperation from England gradually. Second cause was economic interferences of England.In 1756 a war broke out between Great Britain and France.Great Britain sended troops in order to help American colonies to fight in the war.When war ended ,England needed money to pay its war debts.That is why, The British Parliament decided to tax the American colonies to help pay for the cost of war. They passed a number of laws such as the Sugar Act, Currency Act, and the Stamp Act.Many colonists felt that they had not to pay these taxts , because they were passed by British Parliament not by their colonial governments.Moreover, they had no representative on British Parliament.Colonists protests created a motto “No Taxation Without Representation.” . Trade restriction laws developed the process of The Declaration of Independence. Third cause was impact of “Common Sens” on society. Common Sense was a pamphlet which was written by Thomas Paine in the plain and persuasive language in order to be undersood by every people in the society. Thomas Paine writed it in order to encourage the people in the colonies about separation from England.In his pamphlet ,not only critized the British Government but also he explained disadvantages of being connected with England . He emphasized importance of indipendence and he expained why it was wrong regard as Great Britain as Mother Country.Although there was opposite ideas in the society about separation, pamphlet was adopted by the colonists and united them against England in a little while.” Common Sense” improved the need of independence. To sum up , the independence process took time.Multiple causes brought about The Declaration of Independence. Political and economic interferences caused various protests. Since colonist began to worry about their rights.Moreover, ?’Common Sense” influenced the colonists and united them under the common purpose.The idea of independence developed and on July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence proclaimed.

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