The Mental Health of Prisoners

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This article is important because it focuses on psychological changes, social problems solving, and effects that males experience while in prison. The pains of imprisonment have grown over decades causing prisoners to undergo harsh conditions, along with facing many different problematic situations to survive in prison. The article mentioned how many males who are incarcerated have a hard time adjusting while facing many challenging consequences, that can have an effect on their mental stability and social issues. Also, having an effect on how they deal and cope with different situation in prison which can lead to the male prisoner having built up anxiety. The mental health of prisoners is discussed and how some of their mental health issues are connected to earlier experiences and other traumatic events that may have been experienced.

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“The Mental Health of Prisoners”

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Although, all of the prisoners do not have a challenge with mental health issues, for example depression or anxiety. Some prisoners develop mental illnesses while being incarcerated because they are being exposed to many different violent acts and altercations that they have not been exposed to before. Violence throughout prisons can be a result from psychological, mental, and social problems that the inmates face on a daily basis. Exposure to many different violent acts, mistreatment, and rape are the main factors why inmates deal with depression. Some inmates encounter and suffer from many different counts of rape. Inmates who were incarcerated for a longer period of time showed that they were at higher risk for being treated for a mental disorder. The method used for collecting this data were assessments, SPSI-R, NPO, and more which are self-report questionnaires. All data was analyzed using SPSS. Reflection: The results throughout this study was surprising to me. I didn’t realize how many males who are incarcerated who deal many psychological and social problems which can lead to depression or stress. I believe this study adds to the field of psychology because it deals with mental health issues within the prisons, for example many inmates deal with trauma before they are sentenced and while they are incarcerated. It also relates to psychology because many inmates face difficulties dealing and coping with different situations.

For example, many inmates deal with anxiety and depression. This study throughout the article can be related to the field of forensic psychology. Forensic psychology plays a big part in this this article because it deals with social problem solving, resulting back on what traumatic events or events caused someone to commit the crime they did. Also, the inmates then have a hard time coping or solving problems on the crime they committed and their ability to deal with being imprisoned. This article is associated with human behaviors and interactions in psychology the psychology field. My overall opinion of the article was that the study should have consisted of more life traumatic events other than early childhood trauma and trauma that occurs within the inmates who are imprisoned. Overall, I really enjoyed the article and learning different things about prisoners and what they have a hard time dealing and coping with. Also, I liked this article because I found out information that I wasn’t clear on before. For example, the negative problem orientation throughout jails are the highest dealing with anxiety and depression between inmates.

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