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Journalists around the globe are risking their lives to tell the stories of others. We hear over the news of those who have died as a result of their bravery and devotion to their jobs. Why are human lives being sacrificed? What for? Some disagree with this sacrifice, others praise the bravery, and others are simply not aware of the true reasons why journalists put themselves through such hardships for their occupations. It is vital to shed light on the stories that journalists are covering because they have the responsibility to relay these stories in order to produce cognizance in our society about the world around us, a duty to the tell truth and expose corruption, and the ability to put beautiful, otherwise unknown stories on a pedestal. Our species are communicative beings; it is in our nature to share ideas and create pioneering concepts. This is different from other species - other primates, even. That is, they apparently do not "talk" about things and events that are not here and now. People discuss such things as what the world was like two centuries ago. There is no evidence that non-human primates do this. (Evolution of Modern Humans) Humans are cognizant of their surroundings in a way that is unique. We study the past, live in the present, and make educated predictions about the future. This produces an incredible self-awareness per each individual, which has developed over time and is what is called the human conscious. Generally, given status quo circumstances, one is fairly mindful of where they stand in our community and in the world as a whole.

Rarely, however, do we truly understand what it means to experience anything close to what the severely oppressed go through. It is unlikely that we ever will. The only way to get a better understanding of each other in this way is through the media. Due to the rise of technology, the internet, and the internet, information, artwork, and the like has been getting around much faster and to a greater number of people. From a global perspective, there are studies claiming that citizen journalism and social mobilization are experiencing a revival through digital media text messaging, email, photo sharing, social networking, and the like and alternative forms of expression. (B©lair???Gagnon) This social mobilization is resulting in the opportunity for news variety of less importance to circulate across the screens of those who otherwise would not have ears to hear. Journalists have a duty to tell the truth. Many people have reason (valid or invalid) to not trust the government, or higher powers above them. It is typical for there to be a people versus the authorities mentality; without an alliance to either, journalism is ordained to equally present both sides so that the general public is informed about the world around them. According to The Odyssey Online, Since the very beginning, the purpose of journalism has been to report the truth to the public without being biased. This truth is critical to the progress of journalism in a democracy. To be unbiased is to tell the truth in its entirety.

The amount of suffering and anguish on our planet is astronomical. In remote corners of the earth, there are people going through things that for most are simply unimaginable. These people's lives are just as significant as everyone else's inhabiting our earth. These people's stories are unfathomable and almost always full of hardship and pain. This is happening to children- to women, elders, families, and the disabled. Not only this, but every one of these people is an inimitable individual who has emotions and dreams, feelings and aspirations. How did these people overcome their hardships? What was it like? What would they like to say to people who grieve similar sufferings? Photojournalist Giles Duley speaks at TEDxObserver and explains why he wanted to document a particular (recently deceased) young man's story: Again, it was another reminder of maybe why I should record these people's stories: because their lives are important, and it's important for me to document them. To let these truths go untold is to let bits of our world's expansive history be lost and forgotten.

Part of a journalist's duty is to expose corruption. Due to the fact that so many are suffering around the globe, it is only logical to attempt to find a position of power that is responsible for these wrongdoings. Many people or organizations who have authority are abusing their supremacy and using it for selfish endeavors. On the noble end of the spectrum, there is a really sincere impulse to document the troubles of the world so that they can be appreciated and maybe dealt with productively by others who have the means. (James) Although a journalist cannot stop this fraud them self, their work takes the issue to the ones who can.

Journalism is destined to bring situational awareness to the people. This awareness is capable of changing the minds and hearts of society. In our March 2017 issue, Akmal Gafurov proposed that social development occurs when constructive elements in a society outweigh the destructive elements so that social change can be positive rather than negative. (The Evolution of State and Global Social Consciousness) With this influential position media has taken, the more individuals are reached. This means that more people can better understand their social standing, what is happening in the world, and why they should help out.

The earth contains a vast amount of beauty within its four corners. Most of the time, people grow up and stay in a slight region that is known to them and well-accustomed to their formalities. The standard of beauty in these people's comfort zones is different than those around the world. What is beautiful is often not exactly a universal concept. What is seen as beautiful and attractive in one culture is seen as unhealthy and undesirable in another. Like so many other topics, the question of what is beautiful is intricately intertwined with geography. (Thought Co) Diverse forms of beauty exist around the world, its just many are unable to escape their small box of complacency to understand and appreciate it.

As evident, these sundry forms of beauty are displayed in the cultures from around the globe; some may be apparent, others may be mysterious and unobserved. Jimmy Nelson, a renowned photographer speaking at TEDGlobal 2014 says, But I truly believe that there are people on the planet that are beautiful. It's very, very simple. It's not rocket science. I wanted to put these people on a pedestal. I wanted to put them on a pedestal like they'd never been seen before. He explains how each and every person has a certain aesthetic that is purely striking. It is his mission to share this gorgeousness with the rest of the world, as many people do not get to see the beauty that is the people of many uncontacted tribes.

The dangers these journalists put themselves at risk for are numerous. According to Hilsum, In the past five years, 40 journalists have been killed in the Philippines. It is a dangerous world, and the journalists know it: The reality of war isn't that you might get killed out there,' Junger narrates during one of the documentary's pivotal moments. The core reality of war is that you're guaranteed to lose your brothers.' (James) Junger, although also stating truth about war universally, is referring to journalists who visit war zones for the sake of their stories, in particular his friend who gave his life for this reason. Why should individuals be sacrificed for the sake of the exposure and enlightenment of other individuals? The answer is that journalists are doing their part in moving the world forward. Junger made is just someone who lost their friend for the sake of sharing what life was like in a war zone; but even they recognize the importance of their dear friend's work and what it meant. Honor is what these brave people deserve.

Journalists have an imperative duty in the scheme of the world. The media they share has the power to create a higher awareness in people of the world around them, the truth they put their lives at risk for exposes corruption, and the beauty they uncover is appreciated by the old and young alike. Their work affects its centerpieces and its audience in a way that is as unique as the people of the world it encompasses.

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