The Legendary Life and Inventions of Thomas Edison

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In ancient Greek, there is a tale spread up to now about Prometheus, who stole fire from heaven and brought it to the human world secretly, letting humans have a bright life. In reality, the person is Edison. Because he invented electric lights to make ordinary people never be afraid of darkness.

Edison had a legendary life. He was so intelligent that he invented about 2000 different inventions. As a result, he got the designation ----- the king of an inventor. Among them, well-known inventions are phonographs, electric lamps, and film cameras. Edison's earliest interest in natural science was in chemistry, at the age of 10, he collected two hundred bottles and saved every pocket money to buy chemicals and put them into the bottle to do experiments. In 1878 September Edison began to research the lamp. At that time, the gas lamp had replaced the kerosene lamp, but the flame was unstable and produced harmful gas. So they had to find a new stable energy. An idea occurred to him, the cheapest energy was electric energy at that stage, so he decided to have a shot. All in all, we can find that Edison made people's lives become colorful through his outstanding talents.

Edison was also persistent. When he started to invent an electric lamp, he failed many times, trying various materials, but he didn't abandon all hope. He succeeded in inventing the electric lamp after trying more than 1600 materials. Edison once said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." It means someone who has a good idea but does not stick it out is in vain. Hard- work is more important if you want to make your dream come true. It is the key to opening a successful door.

Observant was also a good adjective to describe Edison. He was curious about a lot of things and liked to do experiments personally until he understood the truth. For example, once Edison saw.

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