The Death Toll of the Civil War

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How manny losses exactly can a country endure? An America in which over six hundred thousand soldiers die off of the strength of each other. This type of American struggle is next to other worldly to most Americans at this point. During the civil war, Americans wag early pushed their children, spouses, and parents go off to battle, understanding and accepting the high probability that they will be killed. Today, the demise of a soldier in can emerge as a main story in the news. Throughout the Civil War, some families were not even aware of a family member’s demise until an extended amount of time in the future. Mark S. Schantz debates about the ideologies and theories surrounding the loss of life, which helped raise the war’s highly intensified carnage. At the times of the American Civil War, theories regarding death was set even before war was even commenced.

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“The Death Toll of the Civil War”

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My reason for choosing this literary work lies within its emphasis of the death toll of the civil war. That correlated with Gone In The Wind from my own personal perspective. This is due to the fact that Scarlett too was effected my the mass numbers of death that kept on rising. We see how her Character is constantly challenged due to losing those around her. Schantz brings up how the American Society of 1861 views death. Death was normal to them, in fact, it was accepted. Being that the probability was so high, there was no point in them fighting it. The dark past of America that Schantz decides to delve into describes the emotions of every character in Gone In The Wind. Death is the greatest motivation for victory at these times.

“The Generation of American who fought in the Civil War understood they could not understand the embrace of death. Nor did the particularly wish to.They Knew that death was the inevitable portion of all life.”

As aforementioned, the thought of death was not strange to pre civil war Americans. They felt that this just came as a part of the life we choose to live. Due to this, death tolls raised due to people not choosing to partake in the necessary precautions in order to disrupt their demise.

“Encounters with death surface in almost every conceivable source with which historians of this period have worked”

Another quote that examines the way death was viewed by citizens who lived during the civil war. Plays, poetry, and other forms of historic sources all contain the general ideas of death. Few feared it, in fact, it was personified to be the driving force in the war.

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