The Cycle of 9/11

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The Cycle Of 9/11

    9/11 had a major effect on our society. It plunged our economy into a huge deficit and engaged the U.S.A in a war in Afghanistan. Many people lost their lives on this tragic day. This profounded day was a day to remember, a day that everyone will always keep in their mind, 9/11 was a very heartbreaking concept , so read on to find out this concepts  this attack. The twin towers had significance as the tallest building as it's located in New York city. Manslaughter played another role in 9/11 because that's what the immigrants of were doing. They hijacked the planes and killed many  other people. As the planes were hijacked no one knew at first. The al qaeda group were very technical and that's how they got to hijack. They didn't care about there life so they decided let's ruin something important to the U.S, so they attacked the highest building that they knew they could kill millions. Day in and day out Immigrants been coming through the US, and there's nothing that we were doing then. It was so easy for them to come into play and make setups because it was easy access for them. What immigrants would say and do to help Osama bin Laden . This man I would say is an evil man. He didn't care what was happening or what he was doing, or he would give a price for people to help him out to ruin the US. He planned attacks against the US to destroy America.

        People's reactions were priceless when they saw the planes crash! Shortly after the twin towers fell every citizen felt mourn and felt like the world was going to end. Many citizens around the US came together and threw up the American flag, but also came together to talk about the situation, or what they can do to help the people of their hometown.  People were scattering around trying to know what's happening. You even saw people running trying to find cover because of pieces falling off the towers. You had people screaming, and people losing their lives on this terrifying day that no one would like to remember. Everyone was overwhelmed because if you were in the towers you couldn't get out you were stuck. If you were standing on the ground you were still stuck, but it was more of a terrifying sight. After the Twin Towers falling in the center of New York on september 11 of 2001 all you could hear day, and night was sirens going off, and lights flashing crazy through the darkness. Cops played a heroic part to help the citizens of the once famous Twin Towers  that standed.

            The 9/11 attack does not give hope or dreams for any citizen of New York at all. Many terrorists attacks have been corrupted, and have been all around the world. It says the navy seals tracked down Osama and finally captured him, but it's not giving us anything but fear in our country. It's hard to try to give out hope for one's country, but when you have attacks happening whenever, it's hard to stay on top of that. Osama is an important man that you would want to stay away from. This man is for the reasoning of all the attacks, and innocent people dying for no reason. Over 10 years as a country we lost many things. After the attack things started to get more into place. We have to stop having immigrants coming into America with no disrespect it's just we don't know who we can trust anymore. Nowhere is safe at the moment it's just Promising the american dream is big for the people of america.

This lost decade is basically informing everyone that our country is lost right now. We need to find strategies to help out one another so we can build something out of it. The reason being of planes being hijacked was because Osama paid the best Islamic extremist group of al-Qaeda. How come this situation happened? It shouldn't of happened this way at all. There had to be a conclusion to this incident.  Everyone has a theory about the real causes of 9/11. There can be several like a response to foreign occupation, or it was the US government taking things into their own hands. There are multiple possible ways on why and how 9/11 first started but also how it ended. I think the point in this attack was to set an example in human nature, but also to human life. I know it doesn't make sense but everyone is living up to the American Dream and the causes of 9/11 is affecting everyone's outcome toward the situation out spokenly but also out of activity.

The hopes and dreams people once had is now gone under the influences that no one saw this tragic outburst day. This horror was frightening to all the people of New York. This building was a cause that helped New York rise but also gave kids their dreams. It was the center of New York, it was the tallest building. Anyone who saw that attack happen is destroyed inside because someone attacked their home and their dreams and hopes. Everyone lost there hope because no one could of stopped this. This one attack this one moment people didn't see coming and boom. The buildings beeping. sirens spilling through New York. You saw bodies out in the streets.. you saw offices scattered across the foggy sky. I don't think anyone would want this as a hope for an American dream. These are low hopes that are gonna sink to the ground. You want high hopes for every person to accomplish

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