The Character of Willy Loma

The character Willy Loman is a shipping clerk who sells his company’s products in different cities in the United States. However, author Arthur Miller did not disclose the specific products that Willie sold, perhaps because his role represented everyone in this situation to ensure that more viewers contacted and recognized the role. Willie is involved in a customer-based sales approach. He described this type of sales throughout the script, and he described the power of sales as pretending to sell until you achieved the desired results, looking good, fascinating people and jokes so people would like you. On many occasions, Willy described his experience in sales travel.

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“The Character of Willy Loma”

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For example, he told his wife that the trip was bad because people thought he was not flattering. What’s more, when he finally faced the truth of his failure, it ended. He found that people buy people. If one person is not true, people will not buy you. This makes him realize that his work skills are poor and he lacks comprehensive success.

Author Arthur performed in New York in the 1940s, and Willy Loman’s family lived in Brooklyn. New York at the time was before industrialization and adopted changes such as apartment construction. The play also describes different flashbacks, such as Willie’s encounter with Biff in Boston, his timeline is unknown. The culture in the background of the drama of the 1940s shows the consistency of American society’s group norms for realizing the dream of American life that is richer, better, and richer. In the process of realizing this vision, most people give up social values such as honesty, integrity, and loyalty, but blindly believe in society driven by materialistic nature.

Willie’s approach to customers includes fostering materialism by meeting customers, applying personal charisma, understanding customers, engaging their language, interests, and sales needs. Sales strategies are not largely dependent on education, but on customers. In order to succeed, salesmen like Willy are selling all over the country, can afford all the household appliances they need, and become rich. In addition, the background of the play is a business climate characterized by a golden age of economic growth after World War II. As war bonds mature, productivity increases, capital expands, and well-educated working-class people make the business environment favorable. Therefore, more citizens have the right to bear the various necessities in life, which makes sales an ideal cause

In my opinion, Willie decided to work in sales because he thought it was easy to do, and it allowed him to realize the American dream of wealth and success. In addition to his own American dream, he had more of his own children. Willy believes that personality, not hard work and innovation, is the key to success. Time and again, he wants to make sure his boys are well-liked and popular. For example, when his son Biff confesses to making fun of his math teacherr’s lisp, Willy is more concerned with how Biffr’s classmates react: BIFF: I Crossed my eyes and talked with a lithp. WILLY: (Laughing.) You did? The kids like it? BIFF: They nearly died laughing! Throughout the script, Willie portrays his idea of success as believing that education, hard work, and innovation are not as important as being charismatic, looking good, and being flattering. Willie sees the world as popular and popular with people’s preferences. This concept runs through his entire career, and he believes that it will make him loved, trustworthy, and attract customers. At the same time, his beliefs, wealth and wealth are important goals in life, making sales an ideal career pursuit.

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