The Birthmark Novel Analysis

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In The Birthmark Aylmer wanted Georgiana to continue to be perfect inorder for him to love her and be with her. And for that to happen she had to agree with him that she wasn't perfect but would do anything to be perfect so that they could be together and so he could fully love her. This then makes her become an object to him, there is no such thing as a human being perfect because perfection is defined in so many ways but to Aylmer just couldn't look past her birthmark. Before truly loving someone you have to be able to look past their imperfections and for Aylmer this was impossible he was willing to risk her life for the small chance that he would make her perfect.

Greed is all apart of our human nature and this is what Aylmers desire he wanted to make her perfect so that he could fully love her. Aylmer's want to change Georgiana and make as he wants her perfect is eventually going to end in a disaster because perfection does not exist. Georginana is someone who is known by many as the perfect person well is perfect as can get everyone seems to want her and accept her as she is except Aylmer. Why is everyone else willing to accept her as she is except Aylmer not only wants her to be a perfect person but he wants to make an experiment out of her. This turns her into a protect for him not caring about her safety and wellbeing.

In The Birthmark it seems to be a magical as well as scientific range of experiments. It proves that nature is what is the most powerful thing because if we do not except this then what can we truly love. We would be loving things that are not true. False things that have to be altered in order for someone to be perfect to someone else. Aylmer is guilty for trying to change Georgiana the attempt to try and control nature with science and she is guilty for allowing him to and believing that it is ok and thinking it is right. Georgiana's birthmark also reflects the power of nature because it who she is and inorder for people to think it is beautiful she also has to believe it for herself. At the end of The Birthmark it comes down to nature and loving as they are but since Aylmer was unable to love Georgina for her birthmark and Georgina was unable to love herself it ended in tragedy and unhappiness. 

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