The Acts of Boston

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For many the Boston Massacre is to be sought out as the first battle of the Revolutionary War. The life changing incident of history took place on March 5th 1770. The resulting factor came out to be five deaths of the colonist that was all done by the British. The British troops initially came out to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to stop the demonstrations of the Townshend Act and to enforce order, however things took a turn for the worse which led to outrage. The British Soldiers tussled just about anywhere, they were seen out in the middle of streets and some even fought in bars. The colonist viewed them as being opportunity suppressors, meaning that they felt as though they came to take what could have possibly been theirs such as jobs. Though since the British happened to have the colonist outnumbered I believe that they used it as an advantage to not only come along and take over things but to use it as their power and control when leading up to the Boston Massacre, it seemed to be one of those things that would’ve been an easy win for them.

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“The Acts of Boston”

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The British soldiers were treated very poor and did not get the necessary treatment that they had one day maybe wished for. Their commanders would give them very harsh punishments for any little minor violation that they might have done. Along with that they had little to none benefits of being apart of the British army. Their pay was little to nothing, their uniforms were paid for out of the money that they earned, their situation was so tough that many of them had to seek outside jobs just so that they would be able to make ends meet. I mean with jobs being very limited you could only imagine how hostile the energy through the town could be. Every man had to be for himself with having only a limited about of sources.

However it has grown to be very questionable on whether or not Samuel Adams and Willian Molineux would take things as far as getting people killed in help with the rage of getting the spark of the Revolution started. Shortly after they got things together for the British soldiers things began to take a turn for the worse. From there on the that’s when the huge outbreak took place. Many of the people that were either injured or killed were just innocent people that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This caused the situation to be blown out of great proportion which leads up to this being caused by only propaganda. It appeared that a shot for a reasonable preliminary in Boston was unimaginable. Out of the blue two capable frontier attorneys, Josiah Quincy and John Adams willingly volunteered safeguard the officers. Curiously enough, the jury collected in the Boston Massacre preliminary did not have a solitary individual from Boston. This was done intentionally as a measure to guarantee a reasonable preliminary of the British. The preliminary was additionally postponed by a while to give the feelings a chance to chill off after the shooting. British experts and the loyalists were keen on reasonable procedures, and essentially for a similar reason.

The British were worried that if general society would choose that the culprits were left free as a bird, such circumstance could drive open towards the autonomy radicals. The loyalists were additionally endeavoring to stay away from the circumstance that uncalled for conviction could contrarily resound among conservatives and increment bolster for the British side. They were additionally apprehensive of a conceivable countering. The jury made things very clear that everything that had been set in stone by the British was all done out of propaganda. It was all a part of their plot that they mustarded up before the massacre took place.

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