Symbolism in “The Scarlet Letter”

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In the American literature, Hawthorne has used symbolism in his novel, as to pass the message and keep the theme he applied symbolism in the novel setting, Scarlet A characterization and colors light. Symbolism is mainly depicted in different chapters, his ability to introduce and changing the symbols through the context is to improve the romantic novel.

Symbolism in the Setting

The Hawthorne setting is symbolic. The novel displays the scaffold and the puritan village market as areas with tight rules based on punishment, sin and individual examination.scafford is symbolizing the penance and humiliation since it is the place where Dimmesdale can manage to go atone for being guilty and thus escaping his tormentors clutches.the audience that watches at the beginning and the end was used by the author to symbolize rigid puritan perception for it is disobeying the law. Since the state and church are displayed as ubiquitous forces so as to fit in this colony .Hester is finding out to her dismay.Dimmesdale is perceive being a figure of public demand,chiilng worth at the beginning as a man of learning to be revered and Hester being an outcast. In the setting gloom and gray colors are used as the predominating showing that the. To explain this father nearby there is a place of freedom, a forest and a home to black man.Pearl seems to absorb the shining sun keeping it real.The author used the forest to represent how natural world appears to be controlled and governed by the natural law and not any artificial law.contraly to the Puritan community which is bound to laws. There is a brook providing a boundary between the two worlds where the pearl does not want to go beyond the boundary to the Puritan community when Hester beckoned. This forest is acting as a moral wilderness moment when Hester went to after being forced to wear the sign of guilty.

In addition, as it is shown in the novel context the forest is acting like a place witches gather and souls can be signed away to devils, for instance, Dismmesdale is capable of relieving himself for making a deliberate choice to what he was aware was a sin. This aspect was therefore used to show that forest is symbolizing world of darkness and full of evil. To support this in the context miss Hibbins is aware of some people who perform satanic work in this forest again the forest perceived as a symbol of man's temptation. As we can see very clearly that AS Dimmesdale is planning to leave the forest he gets tempted to sin as he is on his way back to the village. Generally, the author used a symbolic setting to enable the potential reader to get the message as intended.

Symbolism in the Light and Color

Light, sunshine, shadow, midnight, and darkness are a manifestation of similar images. On the same note, specific looks like gray-black and red are playing a primary role in symbolic nature in the scenery and background. Although a similar character can appear in different colors it is the context that is determining the role the light or color is playing. In order for the author to ensure that he has relieved the darkening close of human sorrow and frailty with sweet moral blossom admonition is used to end the first chapter.

In a chapter in the forest, there is a gray expanse of the cloud as Dimmesdale and Hester meet, there is also a black and dense forest where a narrow path passes. The natural darkness is reflecting the lovers feeling weighed down by guilty. Frequently the sunshine tend to appear in the setting Pearl is reminding her mother that this sun will never shine to Hester who was sinful. The sun is symbolizing happiness and guilty free approving gods and nature demands as we can see Hester because of passion let her hair down to get this light of grace and truth.

In chapter one there is chilling worth a jail and the scene of punishment and sin. People belonging to the Puritan community are wearing a gray hat and the outside sunshine is reliving the jails darkness. For example, Dimmesdale confesses at noon since daylight is representing exposure. On the other hand, midnight symbolizes concealment as we can see Dimmesdale is concealing his confession from the society at midnight. Graves of the two characters Hester and Dimmesdale are in darkness. Generally, colors are playing the same role in darkness and light .red is predominating color as it is in roses and letters, scarlet woman and pearls clothing. The letter is being related to evil and darkness with physicians while it is forming part of awareness, part of nature and imagination. The meaning of the color is determined by the context as we can see gray and black colors are associated with the Puritans, death, sin, gloom and the path in the forest of sin in chapter 5,11 and 12 color images are used in plenty.

Symbolism in the Scarlet A

The scarlet letter is a symbol of itself and has many meanings based on the context it is used in the novel. It is symbolizing penance and adultery. As the reader can see how showing the way Hester is suffering and loneliness and at the same time providing this characters rejuvenation. This letter first is occurring as a real object in the house preface. It proceeds and become elaborative gold embroidered Aover Hester's.The governess mansion has Hester's heart magnified in the armor breastplate. Where Hester is being the symbol that has been magnified the way her life is hidden behind the sign of the sin. Pearl arranges A on Hesters dress decorated with pricky burns a The letter is big red A in sky green A of eelgrass that is arranged. In Dimmesdale's chest, an A is seen by observers at the day of the election and represented by epitaph ""On a field, sable, the letter A, gules"" (gules being the heraldic term for ""red"") on the tombstone Hester and Dimmesdale share.

In conclusion in the above three examples the meaning of symbolism depends on the context it is applied in and at times the audience or the reader. For example, in the second scaffold scene, the community is seeing the Scarlet A in the sky is a symbol of Winthrop the governor dying and becoming an angel.Dimmesdale perception on this is a symbol of her own sins. The community is viewing the Letter on Hester's bosom being a mark of punishments and symbolizing determine g other people from sin. Hester has a symbol of guilty and this is a fallen woman. At the later times, she visits home frequently in homes of sorrow and pains the A is representing Angel or Able and is rejuvenating and changing Hester's meaning in the community.

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