Serial Number of Reasons for Serial Killers

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Going deep into the mind of a serial killer is difficult. There is no set-in-stone reason for why they committed their crimes. Whether it's a birth defect or a product of how they were raised. Signs of a serial killer are lack of empathy, inability to feel remorse or guilt and lack of self control. If you were to do a brain scan right now you may find similar traits within yourself as you'd find in a psychopath. I however believe that's it's not all just genetic or just a product of their problematic childhood, a trauma, but rather a combination of them. Neurologist James Fallon described that one day he had been looking at a brain scan that showed results that mirrored a serial killer, he then found out that it was his brain scan that was being viewed. James Fallon was your everyday law abiding citizen. So how is but looking at his brain scans would be sure to make you cautious around him. Fortunately Fallon didn't become a serial killer, but why? Well though his brain scans was concerning his childhood was a pleasant one. However if his parents had abused him or neglected him, he may very well have become a serial killer.

Not all serial killers look the part. When your think of serial killers you'd probably think of some giant man with a mask on that walks toward you slowly and can only be killed by a million bullets and burning, but a lot of serial killers, especially some of the most ruthless were very mild-mannered. People you might assume are good upstanding people. Take Richard Angelo, he was a nurse a well respected one at that and he was a volunteer firefighter. However he was also self-centered and obsessed with being seen as great. What would be a common thought among people to become a famous and revered by everyone turned sour when he began actively poisoning his own patients so that he could help them in front of his colleagues. This led to the death 25 people at least. If even a nurse was unable to be truly trusted who can you really trust?

Do Serial Killers Ever Stop Their Serial Killings?

Yes, rarely. At times there have been serial killers who have stopped their killings as quickly as they start, usually for a reason. Take Gary Ridgway AKA the Green River Killer who killed prostitutes while he was married and had problems in their relationship but when he remarried he stopped killing. I believe this is the serial killers are made part of this argument. I believe he thought his wife was cheating on him so he grew to hate promiscuous women and eventually started killing them, but when he found himself into a more successful marriage. His hate died down and he stopped.

Childhood may also play a huge factor in how people turn out, but there are also people who had terrible childhoods and became great people. However diamonds aren't always going to come out of the rough. Like John Wayne Gacy other wise known as the killer clown or Pogo the Clown. He was beat extensively as a kid by his father, a lot of times for no reason. At a certain point he would have multiple blackouts and he spent a total of a year in the hospital as a teen. His father also verbally abused and belittled him by comparing him to his sister's and making him feel weak. This is probably be the main thing that made him start raping and killing boys as a way to make himself feel stronger. This is a common occurrence. Some people who feel weak and small, instead of bettering themselves they decide to attack someone who IS weaker than them and can't fight back. Some people find strength in themselves some people find strength in the weakness of others. Finding people or things weaker than yourself is something many serial killers do, especially those who target children.

Dean Corll is a very interesting case. He is also known as the candyman or the Pied Piper. His childhood was pretty good. His father was strict with him and his siblings but it was never to the point of Gacy, Killer Clown. His family had a candy business that left his family with a decent amount of wealth, even after the closing of the company. He didn't suffer any trauma that would've led him to do what he did. What he did was befriend male children mostly in their teens by saying he would bring them to a party or give them a ride. When they got to their destination they would then either get convinced to put handcuffs on or just snatched up. Where would then rape, torture, then murder the boys. His accomplices are rather interesting in that they were teens that Corll had convinced to help him. They would lure their friends there so that made it even worse that a friend is the one that set you up. Corll was later killed by one of his accomplices whom he'd tried to punish for bringing a girl to his house when Corll only wanted boys. His accomplice convinced Corll to let him go, so he could assist him with his crime. His accomplice then turned on him and shot Corll. He claimed he was sick of letting his friends die. I bring his story up to say that even though Dean was raised in a fairly nice home with an average upbringing he had good grades and friends but he still turned out this way. Possibly t was genetic since it clearly wasn't a taught thing. He may have even had just a thing for boys and went to extremes.

Are serial killers born or made? This is still a mystery, there is no way to know for sure. Serial Killers like Dean Corll who were raised well but still turned into monsters, there are people who are treated terribly as children who then took their childhood traumas and traumatized others. Is there a way to prevent serial killers? No. Serial killers like bad people in general are never going to be completely erased. The best thing to hope for is people to report early signs to possibly get them some help before they kill someone else.

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