Segregation isn’t only by Color

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There are 283 single-Gender schools Nationwide. 170 are all boys and 113 are all girls, However girls outnumber boys in overall environment in a single-Gender school. The brains of girls and boys differ in many important ways. - ( imedia/single-gender-public-schools-in-5-charts.html?override=web ) Boys and girls have bad and good traits. Throughout life Women/Girls have been dominant agents Men/Boys not only in sports , schools, games but as well in everyday activities. In Motivations for single sex education range from religious ideas of sex segregation to beliefs that the sexes learn and (behave differently, and as well as a women given a chance at educational purposes. Many turned to same-sex schools and classrooms for a way to improve educational and behavioral outcomes, and some are met with success. They also learn to gravitate towards non traditional areas that are not always accepted for their gender for example, boys learn to love literature in an all boys school, while girls at an all girls school feel more comfortable with math and science. Years ago schools districts could legally segregate students by race. Today they can segregate people by their gender, eye color, how much income they are bringing in and education. It was all about how people thought, what people looked like or what color ruled . Segregation is still being put into place till this day all around the world. In my essay I will be writing information and argumentative claims and facts on what's right and what's wrong, what's bias and what's the correct information about single-gender schools.

Parents are the ones who decide their kid's faith. From the time they are brought into this world until they leave their parents house to go off to college or work. Parents worry and decide what schools are best for their children because they know how hard the world will hit them without an education. For a parent to know that they picked a great school for their child is less stress they have to worry about. In this time area more than one third of american parents agree with a single gender school and one quarter disagree with the idea of a single gender school. Parents were assigned a survey to do based on how many allowed their kids to a attend a single sex school . 70% of parents preferred single-gender schools because there are less outcomes, less problems and less self esteem problems from their children.-

Girls in a single sexy school are pretty much calm and outgoing. More kids that attend a single-gender schools are girls. They are more likely to graduate early because they have the confidence. That are more likely to attend college. Girls often take risks and come out more assertive in a single sex environment. Independence at an all girls school is the key to success. Females contribute to a great deal of self esteem and knowledge. They come out their shells and become their own person. According to an all girls school website schools around the world nearly 80% of girls report feeling challenged to their fullest potential and more than 80% of graduates who has already graduated high school reported that they can consider their academic performance as highly successful. Christie Gurten, founder and CEO of 1,000 Dream fund says that single sec-gender schools can be beneficial. They can foster female to female relationships which create a sense of mutual empowerment. Girls in girls' schools have access to all leadership positions, every position on school sporting teams, every role in school drama productions and musicals, and every instrument in a school's bands and orchestras. Girls are encouraged to participate, lead, compete(

In 2014, Professor Alison Booth of the Australian National University wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that the evidence is gathering that women in single-gender classes benefit, and they benefit significantly-( . ) All-boys' schools offer a welcoming and challenging educational environment. Boys receive close care and guidance, and are encouraged to engage in all aspects of school life that may otherwise be taken over by girls.- ( )Many experts agree that boys and girls learn in different styles but In an all boys learning environment boys develop at their own pace without the comparison to girls. It helps them build their confidence and empowerment. There is a higher participation of boys in non-traditional subjects and extra -curricular activities at single gender school. Boys worry less about fitting in because all participants are all boys. They tend to retreat instead into a more narrowly defined sphere of power where they can assert their own past because there is no girls to interrupt them.-( According to Kathryn Kirkland, head of the Junior School at Royal St. George's College, boys in the primary years often lag 18 months cognitively behind girls. If you're constantly being told to sit down and be quiet, then it starts to affect your happiness and self-perception as a student and a learner, Kirkland says. Here, we give the boys the freedom to be who they are and the encouragement to succeed. -( ) The topic of a single-gender school is a little selfish to me. It's like education has become more about a competition then about letting the kids enjoy their middle school, high school and maybe even collage experience. Have people ever thought what the kids wanted and how they felt about being with girls there own age or their own color. I disagree with single-gender schools because what if everybody can't afford the tuition at an all boys or girl college or what if kids have no chance at not experiencing the real world being with mixed gender and mixed colored parents don't think about how will they stand on their own in the real world when they want a relationship or want a family. The parent think about now, the present time but they forget education will always be with them in the future. Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school -Albert Einstein.

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