San Francisco Earthquake Letter

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My Dearest Mother,

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“San Francisco Earthquake Letter”

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     Devastation was stricken in all hearts of the San Franciscans, including myself . All of our buildings were in Pieces or in flames . Everyone got out of their buildings in work clothes, pajamas, anything they had on before this destruction occurred . Most people had not known what was going on around them for they been in a doze , some had simply just died in their own home, not realizing . Just imagine being woken up from the noises of collision and just be drowned as soon as you open your eyes on the day of April 18, 1906.

     I was woken up much worse than others, as I had mentioned before . When I opened my eyes from sleep, usually I would wake up as I make my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee but today was much different than every other day . Today, I woke up with smoke around me , flames and shattered glass on the floor and all around me . At first, I didn’t know what had happened until . There was a big spark when I looked  outside my window and it had sparked a fire. I had quickly stood up and put on some clothes and ran outside. As I did so, I couldn’t spot anyone else in the building but when I stepped outside I had seen a big crowd as they strewn the streets of our disaster town and buildings coming down in a reign of destruction

I hastened my pace as fast I can go and ended up behind the big horde of individuals and families . I spotted a female in search of her kids in the opposite side of me . The men were protecting and blocking their kids and wives from the haste of everyone running  . They kept shouting to stay back and so we all kept our distances from our buildings And the ones who didn’t listen were attacked , being pulled or even kicked to be dragged  in the reign of the earthquake’s Magnitude and also the help of the Blazing Fire .

I had run away from the big crowd of people, just in case I could have been injured or hurt . When I did so, I spotted a man around the age 20 from my view, filming the whole Destructive situation, I thought he was just an odd man at first, but not long after I realized that that he was a newscaster . He had to do it or wanted to do it . The newscaster was next to a smoldering wall that was right about ready to crash on him and his camera. I wasn’t going to let that young man’s life be taken away by the wall . I quickly stepped behind him and pulled his arm, basically dragging him away.

Some people refused to eat, or ask for help and would rather just stare off at the wreckage of our town. I was one too . I didn’t want to eat, and be in a situation and just watch small pieces of buildings sparked off in the cold breeze. The people helping had been at the beginning of such a large line, filled with people that needed help, as if they were homeless.

 People were left with curiosity, devastation, and realization as they all waited in such a long line to be fed. Curiosity and realization had run loose . because we all individually wondered how long it happened until we realized in devastation .  we were all undeniably downcasted at what happened to our homes and the other casualties.

     Days past, filled with helping each other and making temporary camps in the park. I was invited to share a tent with one of my friends, so I accepted the offer. During the days, I would help others by taking care of their children as their parents build their tents to keep my  mind off the horrific experience some days ago, I would spend my time with the kids and do whatever they wanted to do.

I would do this with my friend too. And during the night, I would make sure everyone is secured safely in their tents, I would walk around the park to make sure no rascals were running around in the dark. One night, I did, in fact, spot a young kid running around the park. I took his arm and startled him. I squatted down and started speaking to him about how dangerous it could be in doing so. Manifestly, he didn’t quite understand me but the days after, he obeyed my directions and lesson and Kindness.  

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