Ronald Reagan VS Richard Nixon

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After Reagan's inauguration, two months later, there was an assassination attempt. Though the bullet passed through on of Reagan's lungs, just 7-8 weeks later he was working again. Reagan's first acts as president were focused on the domestic issues such as working to reduce the government's control of the people's daily lives and their money. He also made tax cuts that were known as Reaganomics. Though Reagan reduced taxes, he increased the spending on military armaments. He was fixated on making the United States a respectable power house. Another of his domestic changes was his work to deregulate the workings of businesses. Though at first the people had thought that the tax cuts Reagan had made were beneficial, the public soon found the flaw of Reaganomics. The flaw being that it created budget deficits and added to a significant amount of national debt. Another of its flaws was that its policies were in what would seem to have been a trickle effect, meaning that the public would receive benefits a lot slower than they had originally imagined. These flaws became one of Reagan's failures as a President. Reagan impacted history in 1981, when he appointed the first woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sandra Day O'Connor. Reagan's major failure as a president consisted of three things: The mistake to send Marines to Lebanon resulting in 241 casualties, the amount of money that he had thrusted into the nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union during the Cold War resulting in increasing the National Debt, and the shady incident in which Reagan had been thought to have negotiated with Iran the trade of weapons for hostages. Richard Nixon is one of the most negatively iconic presidents in U.S. history. This was because the public viewed him as a crook for his participation in illegal activities and his almost impeachment. Nixon was the 37th president of the United States and he will be remembered only as a criminal. Born on January 9th, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California, Richard Nixon was one of five siblings. Nixon grew up with anger towards his working circumstances and had a very heavy sense of ambition. Nixon attended Whittier College, where he was elected student president. In 1934, Nixon graduated and went on to earn a law degree from Duke. After his time in college Nixon returned to California where he began working as an attorney. Richard Nixon married in 1940 to Thelma Ryan and ended up having two children, Patricia and Julie. When World War II started he joined the Navy, where he served as operational officer in the Pacific Ocean. After World War II, Ricard Nixon began down the path of his political career. This started after he beat a Democrat for representation of California in the United States House of Representatives. He served on the HUAC and rose to political spotlight through a investigation concerning Alger Hiss. Nixon worried some people with his conflicts on Communism and other political adversaries, but the Republicans started to like him more. He received his nomination to the vice presidency in 1952. This campaign was the beginning of Nixon's reputation as a criminal, for his campaign was thought to have been gifted to him by industrial lobbyists. Nixon was elected as the vice president in 1952. During his time in the vice presidency, Eisenhower (the president at the time) suffered from many different illnesses including a stroke. This enabled Nixon to be able to make calls in Eisenhower's place and this occurred many times. To this affect a bill was passed in order to increase the vice president's power in times that the president can't make decisions.
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