Romeo and Juliet: Quotes

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Where are you, my sweet love? My Juliet?

My Romeo! He calls to me!
His voice, like the sound of angels singing,
Comforting my soul and my troubled heart.
Oh sweet angel! Take away my pain!

My love, your beauty brings peace to my heart.
A thousand times, I beg your forgiveness!

I do not blame thee for Tybalt's death, oh love.
Not for a thousand Tybalt's killed today,
Would I turn away from you, my good husband.
Why does the world torment the bond we share?
For now you are banished from Verona.
If fate does take from me my time with you,
Then let death seal our everlasting love!

Don’t be afraid, for I feel the same as you,
I believed you thought me to be evil.
Twas in my thoughts of you, and the late Mercutio
That I acted in such a rash manner.
But luckily, I have been at the Friar's cell,
Where even the souls of evil men
Find assistance and are forgiven of sins.
And while I was there we devised our strategy.

I ask thee, tell me of the Friar's plan!
Will we defy our families?

Very fortunate was I in punishment,
That my crime did not warrant certain death.
Rather only a simple banishment.
Fair maiden, keep your angelic ears wide,
Unfortunately, dawn climbs the horizon,
Our time is limited, as morning grows closer.
My punishment strips me of my rights,
I can not stay in Verona.
Do you wish to escape with me?

I promised to follow you, my good husband,
Throughout the world, from one land to the next.
Still I keep that promise, for I love thee,
And my love is a great flowing river,
That grows more and more powerfu
At every bend and curve along its path.
No, my love is even greater than this!
Never again shall I be a Capulet!

My love, like that of the river, is strong
The golden light of the noon sky,
A shining light which can never be hidden.
So, Juliet, I abandon my name as well,
And never again shall I be a Montague!

Oh sweet, sweet Romeo, what is your plan?
My ears long to drink in your strategies.
I ask you, deny me no longer, speak!

The good Friar Laurence has suggested
That we make our escape from Verona
Within a week.

If this is the good Friar's well thought plan,
Than let me no longer be bound to this place.

We will surely be followed by the Capulets.
Pack much food and supplies for our run,
For entrance into any other town,
Will surely mean our untimely end.
We will stay far away from the well traveled path,
To prevent us from being tracked.
Then, we will settle in a distant land,
Far from the conflict of our two families,
And it is there, in that most perfect land,
Where our love will never again be challenged.

It seems a hundred, no, a thousand years,
Until the time when we can love freely will arrive,
But my will is strong, like yours, my Romeo.
And I pray, with all of my heart,
That we will soon reach the place you speak of,
Or else let death's embrace forever cradle us.

My fair Juliet, I must leave you now,
For the sun has broken on the far horizon.
I will come to you by the hour of ten,
Tonight be waiting here for me by then.
We shall escape the cursed streets of Verona,
And finally leave these forsaken lives.

Farewell, farewell! My sweet Romeo,
I shall wait for thee.

Farewell, my beautiful wife Juliet.
Exit Romeo.

And a thousand times goodnight, my sweet lord.

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