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Shakespeare in love is based on a fictional account of the literary life of William Shakespeare in the process of casting for Romeo and Juliet. William wrote his plays and sonnets based on events surrounding love, its celebration, and its tragedies. A re-imagination of what may have been happening in his life when he was penning those plays forms the basis of the play by John Madden. The year was 1593 when Shakespeare was still struggling to come up with a play “Romeo and Ethel” awaited eagerly by the Penurious theater owner that needed a classic film to revive its prospects. At the bed of Rosaline his mistress, he struggles to find inspiration to his film.

At the audition of the play, Viola De Lesseps who was a lady dressed like a man gets the role to play the leading role of Romeo in the script. Tension develops between her and Will that develops into a romance and eventually a tragedy when Shakespeare learns the societal judgment that awaits him for breaking a betrothal. Going by Aristotle six elements of a tragic play, this paper investigates how they are used in the play.

In Music, It is an integral part of a play and is used to establish the mood in the audience as well as to convey information when actively utilized by the actors. The changeovers from one act to the others in play are done beautifully through the integration of music to enhance literary creativity. In Shakespeare in love, Will goes sentimental when he says that he would banish the nightingales from her garden so as not to interrupt the flow of her song. It shows the power of music in conveying a deeper meaning to what would be covered in spoken dialect. In Diction, In a literary setting, diction refers to the choice of words that the playwright uses in a work of literature. It may have a very significant effect in the way the play is perceived by the public and how the characters relate to the roles. In a play about characters that lived in 1593, the playwright had to have a mix of the languages that Shakespeare espoused with what is currently in use.

The play is a god representation of the diction used then and the language in use today. It is lighter compared to the diction in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” but maintains the same flow. The lines by Wessex that; “Your Majesty is wise in it. Nature and truth are the very enemies of play acting. I'll wager my fortune(Shakespeare in Love, 1998).” May not invoke an immediate understanding in today’s literature, but they relate well to the storyline. In Character, The playwright chose to write a play about a human character in this case a famous poet and writer of the 16th century that is known for his literary works.

Though the storyline and the history are fictional, the play is written in an impressive and captivating manner, capturing the imagination of the audience. In Plot, Shakespeare in love in a narrative that has a beginning with a budding writer has run out of ideas and is looking for inspiration.

The middle of the play shows the playwright and a budding actress that society has denied the chance to use her talent on the basis of sexuality involved in a romantic liaison. The relationship would not, however, fall in the natural specter of allowable in the society since the maiden was betrothed(Curtis, 2014). In the end, Lord Wessex and viola were wedded bringing a tragic end to the love story.

In Spectacle,In conformity with the expectations of the time and other plays done depicting the period, the play is adorned to look in place. The cast is color coded for the audience convenience with the Montague family wearing dark blue, the Capulet family choosing Orange and Red while the Prince wears purple. The colors are similar to those worn in Franco Zeffirelli's film on Romeo and Juliet. In Themes, Just like the characters in his plays, this literary work shows Shakespeare finding love, losing it, finding it again and when he lost it with Viola turns from writing about comedies transitioning to creating works on tragedies. The romantic story might hurt to Shakespeare, but it was the turn-around to better tragic plays that captivated the audience.


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