Problem with Identity Theft

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In this essay the topic will be about the problem of identity theft. The main reasoning of selecting this topic is because it is a problem that millions of people must go through every day. Identity theft is an important because it involves the way people live. Anyone can be a victim to identity theft and it can affect them, their money and the way they live. Some people may see identity theft as a casual problem, most do not see it that way. Those who see identity theft as a casual problem may just see the term, identity theft as a credit card or a credit card number being stolen, and that the owner will get help. No, identity theft is so much more than just a stolen credit card or credit card number.

There is more than just one problem with identity theft. It involves millions of people's identities, money, and more that is being taken away from them by a stranger. There are many types of identity theft, such as: financial identity theft, driver's license identity theft, social security and IRS identity theft, medical identity theft, and child identity theft. All these identity thefts are a huge problem because financial identity theft, this is when the victim's bank accounts and credit cards are accessed and used illegally. Driver's license identity theft, this is when criminals find ways to use a stolen driver's license, including selling it to someone who looks passably like the real ID owner. Social Security and IRS identity theft this is when thieves use victims' Social Security numbers for both financial and non-financial theft and impersonations. Medical identity theft, this is when thieves use the victim's identity to make false health insurance claims. Child identity theft, this is a common assumption is that a minor's identity would be of little value. There are many ways to prevent this, but the biggest thing is to have insurance on things and a way to get notified if something has happened to anything important to you, such as cards, cars, and etc. What are the tools to prevent/control identity theft and what are the relations of these prevention tools with different sources of identity theft, in general, and specifically to EC?

An ethical issue can be that people wants to have privacy in their financial accounts and identity theft can ruin that for them. The theft would be violating their right of privacy. No one has the right to take what isn't theirs. A way to handle this ethical issue is to make sure that you have a good insurance company and that you can rely on the workers to inform you if something has gone wrong. Also, make sure that your insurance company would help you if something has gone wrong.

An idea for a solution is not to log into your bank account or social media out in public. Anyone can see and have the information needed to log into your accounts. It is better in my opinion to do in when you are alone or in a private area. You may think that you are safe logging into things out in public, but you are not. There will also be someone looking out for log in's, especially to bank accounts.

Identity theft is the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain. The problem with identity theft is that millions of people identities, money, and etc. is being taken away from them by a stranger. Identity theft is a problem because it causes millions of people's lives to be affected. People wants to have privacy in their financial accounts and identity theft can ruin that for them. The theft would be violating their right of privacy. No one has the right to take what isn't theirs.

There are many solutions for identity theft. You can make sure that it doesn't happen by using card holders to prevent scanning. Do not always use WIFI at places because someone can get your information through the WIFI use. Have a good insurance company who would help and inform you if someone is trying to or got into your financial account. You can use pocket chains to keep your wallet attached to your pants or have a bag that will be close to your body and that would zip completely, so that no one pick-pocket you. To the information that has been given personally about identity theft presentations, these were top 10 things told that can help prevent identity theft from happening. They people who told that information, was able to tell that it works, and that nothing has happened so far.

People who would oppose to the thought that identity theft is wrong, are identity thefts their self or people who has never experience identity theft. There will be some people who would oppose to identity theft being wrong because they may just see identity theft as a little problem that can be fixed. Although, it may be fixed, that isn't the case. It impacts people's lives more than just a little problem, it is a big problem with a huge impact to it. Who would want their credit card, car, identity, and etc. being taken or used against them? Let's hope no one. People who do not like the solution are identity thefts because the solutions would be stop them from stealing.

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