Oprah Winfrey: Life

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Some people are recognized for the many accomplishments they do through their life or career. Many celebrities can one day become our idols or some can be our heros. This woman was abused first abused as child and grew up without her father, but with her pursuing her dreams in being a philanthropist she has changed not only others lives but hers as well. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. She started going to college just like any other student until she decided to drop out as a senior and get a position in Baltimore with WJZ-TV as a co-anchor to come out on the evening news. Winfrey later decided to to move on to co-hosting People Are Talking in 1977. Then she was recruited in Chicago TV station to host her own show. Her show became one of the most popular on the tv. The Winfrey Show aired for 25 seasons, from 1986 to 2011. This show was being seen by 49 million viewers a week in the United States and is viewed internationally in over 117 different countries.

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“Oprah Winfrey: Life”

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Oprah then founded Harpo Inc. which it used her name backwards. She has won many prizes for her work. She recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. She has inspired many people to follow her steps and become great like her. Due to her skills she has made so much money not only in investing in other companies and turning them into her own. Her net worth is now worth about 3 billion dollars. Thanks to her Discovery Inc. has invested $254 million dollars just in programming OWN, Oprah’s Network Show. Other than her network she has her own website. Winfrey invested in a healthy restaurant chain called True Kitchen. On Oct. 2015 Oprah Winfrey declared that she had bought 10% of Weight Watchers. That’s about 6.4 million shares. According to Weight Watchers she had the chance to buy 5% more and become their spokesman. Other than just investing in Weight Watchers , she was getting her into a restaurant biz, says CNBC.

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