Nationalism and Sectionalism 1815 – 1828

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The war of 1812 was known as the second war with great britain. America wanted to settle west word peacefully but ran into some indians. Some blamed britain for not giving up their land which caused lots of problems. America shout freedom of the seas for their ships and trade as well as an end to impressment of seamen by britain’s navy. The British would not yield on one single point.

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“Nationalism and Sectionalism 1815 – 1828”

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The causes of The War Of 1812 go back a good many years. America had fought and won a long war against england for their freedom,but even after the peace treaty was signed in 1783 neither side completely carried out all the terms. England held on to the forts on the frontiers. The Americans states took over the property of Tories,Americans who had been loyal to King George III. In some cases American refused to pay debt owing the British businessmen.

The War of 1812 started off because of some british violations of the U.S. maritime rights. Another main cause was the French revolutionary and Napoleonic war during major conflict on the French and British american interests were injured by each of the two countries endeavours to block the United States from trading with others. American ships initially prospered trade with the French and Spain empires. The Royal Navy enforced an act called the Rule Act which started in 1793 and ended in 1794. After Jefferson became president in 1801 relations with Britain deteriorated and systematic enforcement of the Rule of 1756 resumed after 1805.

War was declared the British were stubborn and foolishly gave America a reason for going to war when they refused to Revoke their orders in council.President Madison felt America no longer had a choice and called upon Congress for a Declaration of war against England. The vote was close, In the senate it was 19 to 13 in the house it was 79 to 49.The west and south also voted for war but New york and New England voted against it. Two days before Congress acted and great Britain announced that they had suspended their orders in Council. The grain crop had failed and great Britain were really desprait and were very anxious to get American grain. It took many weeks to carry dispatches across the Atlantic. Congress did not know that it had declared war when there was no longer any reason for doing so. The English had acted to late. The War Hawks felt this would be an easy war so Henry Clay boasted that the militiamen of Kentucky alone could conquer Canada.

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