Myths and Truths about Gang Life

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There are many myths and truths about gang life. Many young adults have some ideas about gangs that are just not true. When these kids are joining gangs based on certain beliefs that are just not true.
They believe they will make lots of money, have nice things and become powerful. The truth is, you will either get arrested or killed. All of things you thought we nice and expensive will be seized by law enforcement. Most gang member rent the cars and houses they drive and live in. And even then, they put the vehicles and apartments in the names of their girlfriends.

They think they will have lots of friends and their friends won't care if you are a gangbanger. No one will want to be friends with you if they constantly have to look over their shoulder in fear of being shot.
Being in a gang is exciting. It is actually the complete opposite. You will have to constantly look over your shoulder just to make sure you are safe. Your boss is going to make you do things you will not want to, and you will have to take the blame. No one will care if you got to jil because there will be other gang members who will take your place.

You think you can walk away from the gang whenever you want. This is so far from the truth. Once you are in it is virtually impossible to get out. You must pay to get out, whether it be money or a job that you will have to complete. If you are lucky enough to get out you should cover up your tattoos and try to stay out of trouble. The less attention you draw to yourself the better.
They think that if they end up in prison they will be protected. Gang members are more at risk in prison than on the streets. Other gangs will come after them as reverenge and to earn street credit.

Gang members are respected everywhere. This is so far from the truth. No one outside of the gang will hang out with them simply because of the danger involved. They can even be banned from businesses just for being in a gang.

You can protect your family from the violence that comes with being in a gang. This is not true at all. Your family becomes a target just because you are in a gang. You could loose everything at the blink of eye. Gang violence puts everyone at risk. A bullet has no name on it.
You can do whatever you want, and you don't have to answer to anyone. You have to do whatever the leader tell you regardless if you want to do it or not. You are not free and might never be again.

When a kid joins the gang, all hope is lost for them. If they have family and a strong support system willing to be there for them and ready to intervene at the drop of a hat they can be saved. The key is to work together to prevent them ids from joining the gangs.
Once gangs establish their territory they are there for good. With help from law enforcement and the community gangs have been pushed away and communities have taken back their cities.

When you are the girlfriend of a gangster you will have anything, you could ever want. This is not true at all. Gang banger girlfriends might as well wear a giant target on her back. Rivals will want to kill her, and they won't care if it is done in front of their kids.
Girls are not allowed to join gangs. If you believe this, you are nave. There ae many gangs that are run solely by woman. Girl gang member are more likely to be sexually abused than other gang members. Researchers found that 62 percent of female gang members had been sexually abused or assaulted, and three-fourths said they had been physically abused. (David Pyrooz, 2016)

Small town gangs belong to big city gang. Most of the time the people who have created the gangs in the small towns most likely created the gang based off information they saw on the news. If communities work with law enforcement when the gangs are first discovered, it is highly possible to shut down the gang before it become too much trouble.

The only way to get rid of a gang is put the members in jail and prison. But as I mentioned above, there will always be someone to take the place of the nest person. There are many stories if bosses running their gangs from behind bars. So just by putting them behind bars is not enough.

Gangs are not the community's problem. The police can only do so much and without the community's help the likely hood of getting rid of a gang is slim. Gangs become a problem for everyone who is involved with the community. Everyone needs to work together to have a safe community. You community is what you make of it.
The point is don't believe everything you hear or see. If something does not seem right report it. Take it a step further and do your own research.

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