Myself Realization

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Humans are complex beings in a variety of ways. I often wonder what the reason is behind people's behavior and way of thinking rather than what I believe is the reason. Initially, when I heard the word psychology, I associated it with psychiatrists, therapy, as well as mind-reading. My perspective of psychiatrists were people who can read your mind because they knew what you're going to say, what you are thinking, and can even explain the reason behind your behavior without you having to tell them. However, as I explored the subject further, I realized that it's not about mind-reading or being psychic. I learned that psychology is not limited to psychiatrists or therapy. It is a broad subject that deals with a variety of issues that explains the complexities of human behavior. Thus, the question remains: in what ways did I apply psychology for the betterment of life?

If there was one person in the world that I knew better than anyone else, shouldn’t that person be myself? As I studied psychology, I realized that I know every single thought, action, and feelings I’ve had over the years yet never truly understood the reasons behind them. This led to the realization that I never acquired full knowledge and understanding of myself. In simpler terms, I lacked self-awareness. Upon knowing this, I aimed to learn more about myself and acquired a better understanding of my personality and behavior. I made use of introspection wherein I took note of my weakness and allow improvement of these areas. For instance, I used to dread my lack of organization skills in any part of my life. However, I learned to effectively control my behavior and direct myself towards decisions that are beneficial to me. I’ve noticed an improvement in my time management skills and I learned ways to motivate myself during times that I turn to procrastination. As it turns out, I managed to accomplish the 4 main goals of psychology: describe, understand, predict, and control. Through observation, I increased my awareness of the situation, therefore, gaining a better understanding of my behavior. With this awareness, I knew what made me felt lazy, sad, unmotivated, and so on. Knowing these, I could take hold of the situation and manage these emotions effectively to increase my productivity.

However, learning psychology did not only benefit me but others around me. My relationships grew stronger and healthier because of my ability of understanding situations and resolving conflict. These relationships included those with my family, friends, as well as people in my school and workplace. It enhanced my leadership skills through critical thinking and knowledge of what causes behavior. By observing people’s actions and the reasons behind these actions, I could adjust the situations and distribute the workload appropriately to the members of my team. This led to success because I assigned members to work that I knew they could accomplish without any difficulties at all.

Having applied my learnings to various aspects of my life enhanced my understanding, appreciation, and interest in psychology. I have developed a better understanding of myself and those around me. This understanding proved to be useful for better relationships and in enhancing the environment in the school setting as well as in the workplace. This skill enables me to assess, understand, and control situations in a different way than I would have done before my exploration of the subject. Admittedly, it has been a journey of self-improvement and the betterment of life. However, this is only a small part of my journey. I am aware there is more to learn and I aim to open my mind to the knowledge that awaits me.

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