Medea as an Uncivilized and Wild Medium

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Critique of the play 'MEDEA'


In this tragedy Euripides demonstrates Medea as an uncivilized and wild medium who was also princess for her father was a King, from where she came from.

Euripides exhibits a play that could be relatable to the humanity, a story that proved pain, hostility, rage and broken promises.

Moreover, Medea pledged to reattribute on her husband Jason after he chose to live her and marroed king Creon’s daughter.

When Creon heard Medea’s evil words Creon banishes Medea and her children from Corinth, but she cunningly asked him into giving her some time to arrange and gather her children and things.

As a passionate woman Medea was solely dedicated to Jason. She gave her all to him even to the point of killing and betraying her family as well as her country.

Before Medea arrived, a servant who was devoted to her came with sympathy proclaiming the unlawful activities that occurred to Medea.

Further ahead, Medea had a terrible plan that was overwhelming Corinth.

Medea’s nurse was severely worried for her sons since the witchery included them as well because of the strife she had towards their father.

Medea continued with her plan and sent cursed gifts of gold for her rival, which caused her and Creon’s death. Eventually Medea murdered her two beloved sons, leaving Jason devastated for his losses.

I thought this splay was very enjoyable. The overall production was entertaining.

The overall acting was phenomenon. The actress who performed as Medea truly showed the character through her strong demeanor.

She showed all the anger for her role so perfectly. Medea demonstrated her aggression and affection for her children as well.

Looking at the set, on the other hand it was not satisfying but perhaps plain. I did expect to see more addition and props that would have created a much fuller feel. I wished to have seen the daughter of Creon and have a better experience.

The costumes were so very much appropriate based on the era it was presented. I believe that during that time these were the garments they wore which it gave the perfect suitable experience.

Taking the direction into account, I believe that direction was well organized. There were fewer movements that fit with the flow of the characters. I recall the scene of Medea informing the neighbors about her despair while she slowly moved towards them, which I thought it was not quite necessary.

I found it confusing. It made me anticipate for something more than it was.

Overall the play was well projected.

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