Man Receives Sincere Gratitude from a Wild Horse that he Rescued from Chains

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The unexpected happened after an animal doctor helps a chained horse get off bondage. Driving through Letea region in Romania, Dr Ovidiu Rosu noticed the unstable strides of a wild horse and after he got nearer, he discovered the animal has been bound in chains that cut deep into its hooves.

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“Man Receives Sincere Gratitude from a Wild Horse that he Rescued from Chains”

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In Romania, it is common practice to put horses in chains so as to prevent the animals’ escape. Both horses and donkeys are usually fettered as they are the means of transportation and they are also used for farm work. Although, such ideas help the owners keep the animals for their own use, it is however unhealthy and unsafe for horses. As Dr. Rosu drove through the fields where the horse was grazing with other horses, he knew he had to set the bound animal free. Sedating the animal, Ovidiu got on his knees as he made for the horse’s fettered feet. It turned out that the chains were wound so hard that they cut deep into the skin just above its hooves.

The “Four Paw” doctor tried to pry off the chains to no avail but after using a pair of pliers, the chains came off. Although, the horse’s feet were bloodied, fortunately, not much damage was done. It was still able to walk as all the animal needed was healing. After the sedation wore off, Rosu did not envisage what happened next. The horse got on all fours and gave the doctor an emotional nuzzle as a show of gratitude. It could be seen from the horse’s eyes that it very well recognized its helper.

A rare horse breed popularly referred to as the “Medicine hat” horse believed to possess magical powers to protect its owner or rider from danger and impending doom was birthed in Florida right in the “Under Color Ranch.”

The ranch owners, Scott and Jackie Nelson were shocked and amazed at the development. It happened that Poka, a mare in the ranch got pregnant and the Nelsons believed her mate was Chief, a stallion also on the ranch. After 11 months of gestation, Poka gave birth to the special breed which got the attention of all the horses on the ranch. It seemed like the other animals also recognized the rare appearance of the newborn foal. The young horse was covered in white coat while its ears were dark. It’s belly and muzzle had brown patches in accordance to its mother’s coat. In a video released on the internet, the goal named Coconut is seen strutting about the farm while other horses neighed in seeming awe.

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