Main Points at One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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Character 1: Chief Bromden is a patient in a phyciatric ward and also the narrator of this story. (the one telling the story) He is made fun of in the beginning of the book. In the begging it states that Bromden was bullied and called Chief Broom, because they made him sweep the halls of the hospital. (A bluetick hound bays out there in the fog, running scared and lost because he can't see. No tracks on the ground but the ones he's making, and he sniffs in every direction with his cold red-rubber nose and picks up no scent but his own fear, fear burning down into him like steam.) In this quote it shows how Bromden in the beginning has a constant fog that follows him that represented his fear. In the final stage of the book Chief Bromden no longer has the fog following him and escapes the psychiatric hospital. Meaning he no longer has the same fear following him around.

Character 2: Nurse Ratched. Her face is smooth,calculated, and precision-made,like an expensive baby doll,skin like flesh-colored enamel,blend of white and cream and baby-blue eyes,small nose,pink little nostrils. (Chief Bromden's description Nurse Ratched.) Bromden also calls her the Big Nurse. Nurse Ratched is one of the employes at the psychiatric hospital. She is not a very nice person to her patients and controls the whole hospital. Character 3: McMurphy is the most carefree character in this book. He is confident that the hospital will not be as bad as a farm he use to be at. Throughout the book he begins to realize the control Nurse Ratched has over him and all the other patients and also realizes that no one can manipulate or control Nurse Ratched. He also stares a rebellion. At the end of the book Bromden suffocates McMurphy because he rather him die the live under the power of Nurse Ratched. Beginning: The begging of the book introduce Chief Bromden an how he is in a psychiatric hospital and sweeps the floors. He goes through constant humiliation and bullying.They laugh and then I hear them mumbling behind me, heads close together.Nurse Ratched humiliates him and his fear begins to surround him.( the fog) Randle Murphy is a new patient This new redheaded Admission, McMurphy. He came from a farm. The psychiatric hospital was divided into two group the Acutes(can be considered curable) and the Chronics. Bromden belongs to the Chronics. Nurse Ratched runs the whole hospital and being the same bitch as always.

Middle: Bromden no longer sees the fog. Out in the hall all by myself, I notice how clear it is - no fog any place. Mcmurphy learns that Nurse Ratched can send anyone to electroshock therapy if she wants. The middle of the book just portrays the control that Nurse Ratched has on the hospital and everyone in it. When they try to start a rebellion Mcmurphy notices that everyone has fear Nurse Ratched. The Nurse can easily have thrown Mcmurphy out of the hospital after some incidents.But she is not worried because she knows that she is in full control of the hospital and no one would dare go against her. Since Ratched decide when Mcmurphy can leave he decides to adapt to the norm and rules. When Cheswick dies Mcmurphy decides to resume his rebellion.

End: The rebellion continues and Mcmurphy and Bromden work together. Mcmurphy and Bromden are sent to treatment because they get into a fight. During the treatment Mcmurphy is fine and contributes but Bromden fight to keep the fog out and clear his head. They receive more treatments. The patients tell Mcmurphy to escaped the Nurse Ratched's wretchedness. Mcmurphy attacks Ratchet and rips her uniform. Many patients leave because of how war has broken out in the hospital. Murphy overall helped everyone obtain victory over the hospital and the evil people that worked there. Even if it lead to death. Bromden finally felt that he has obtained victory.  

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