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Colloquial Language Handout Sentences Revised Rainsford learned many things through his experiences being hunted by Zaroff. When there is a man versus man conflict, this happens every time. A change is seen only until the end of the story when a shift of perspective in Rainsford from what he learned by being hunted. There is also a similar situation with captain Kirk when he enters the arena with the enemy alien The lessons that people learn change their lives drastically. The Metrons appear and tell him that you are friendly and you shall be allowed to pass.

Captain Kirk realizes to not be overconfident and that it is not always easy to be better someone else, you need to show what you can do to them in order to live. At the end, Rainsford learns that it is very hard to keep calm “I am still a beast at bay”(59) when I am being hunted He does not know all the facts, but jumps to conclusions and acts irrationally. Is there a correct way to live?

In “The Most Dangerous Game”, General Zaroff has a different and bizarre idea of being civilized. Rainsford has written a book about hunting snow leopards and was a skilled hunter. When he was the one being hunted, he realized that no animal should feel that way, just so a human can enjoy hunting it. As members of a modern society, we understand that these people are civilized people.

Captain Kirk had a lot of dealing with alien creatures and Rainsford also dealt with the experience of hunting. In both stories, there were people who wanted to kill others, but some of the people decided not to kill them when they had the chance. People go in the woods hunting for different kinds of animals that are different in size. When Kirk escaped out of the trap he didn’t know what had happened until after he had the Gorn helpless. They think that the only ones who are allowed to survive are the ones who are the strongest and therefore are at the top.

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