John F Kennedy in American History

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John F Kennedy was a young boy who knew he would be someone important in life. Like his father, Joseph P Kennedy, John was expected to become a great political figure. Having to live up to his fathers expectations and being compared to his older brother, Kennedy faced several challenges leading up to his legacy. His legacy would later be a significant milestone in American History. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917, John F Kennedy grew up as a typical child. During his years of primary school, he was very well known by his classmates. His grades were not the best for the expectations he was given, but they were good enough to get him into Harvard. After World War II started, Kennedy joined the Navy, where he was known after as a war hero for saving his crew in 1943. After returning home he ran for House of Representative for the state of Massachusetts. During Kennedys time as a representative, the world was experiencing the Cold War. He served for six years while going through an illness.

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John F Kennedy was diagnosed with Addisons Disease, but this information was never given to the public to know. I believe Kennedy did not want the information of his illness to be out for the public knowledge because he wanted to be known for more than that and more on his goals as a politician. John F Kennedy knew he was more than just a representative of his home state. This motivated him to run for Senator for Massachusetts. He won the election in the year 1952 against Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. As a senator, I believe the best thing that happened during this time for Kennedy was his marring to Jacqueline Bouvier. Jacqueline will be later known as one of the most famous and inspirational First Ladies. She inspired generations to come to become a great nation. In 1956, Kennedy inspired a nation with his writing. He wrote a best-selling book that won an award in 1957. The book, Profiles in Courage, described the experiences eight Senators had while going through their years of office. This book was so well known because it gave the inside look into the lives of the men who were running the nation. Kennedy and the other senators were forced to vote and act a certain way because of the political parties they were associated with, despite their actual views regarding the subject.

During his six years of a senator, Kennedy became a major figure for the democratic party. The Cold War was still a significant issue, as the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union was rising. However, John F Kennedys approached to these issues in the Senate did not go unnoticed. When the time for reelection came in 1958 for senator, Kennedy won against Republican Vincent Celeste. Kennedy campaigned hard for this election, some even called it his early campaign for something much bigger, the White House. Two years later, the election of 1960 took place received the support from the democratic. The presidential election was between Vice President Richard M. Nixon and John F Kennedy. During the 60s, television was becoming a part of politics and made the nation feel as they were finally a part of the election itself. This played a major role when it came to the debates for the election. Kennedy was well known not just for his ideas as a political figure, but for his looks. This plays a huge role on the way politicians use their own image for their campaign. The authors of the book Gerald S. Blaine, who was a former JFK secret service agent and journalist, Lisa McCubbin gave more detail of the life Kennedy lived while his short time as president. This book really elaborates not just on the great things Kennedy did, but the emotions felt from the people around John F Kennedy himself. Kennedy had only 34 agents that were responsible for his safety. Kennedy is assassinated on November 22, 1963, while he was riding in the back seat going through the streets of downtown Dallas, Texas. The agents who were there to experience that traumatic event would not speak about for years to come.

Right after Kennedy is assassinated, many conspiracies began to come out about who killed the president and what were their motives. For example, one of the main conspiracies was that the Cubans were upset about the Cuban Missile Crisis. John F Kennedy sending the navy to Cuba was his way to fight against the Soviet Union and their missiles. The idea that the Cubans had something to do with the assassination made since the event was still recent. But the book, The Kennedy Details, was written to put all those conspiracies to rest. The main author Mr. Blaine was there at the time of the assassination and explains how in todays nation, we spend more money on protection on presidential candidates than on the entire security for President Kennedy. This suggests a lot about the impact the assassination had to the nation. The people of the United States did not feel the need to have so much security on public figures because nothing like this had ever happened. Therefore, the nation itself was mourning but they were afraid. During this time, the nation was fighting for civil rights. Kennedy was a strong fighter for this and which is why some people did not support him.

But his death motivated a nation to fight for their rights. Gerald S. Blaine retired from the Secret Service the following year, in 1964. Blaine and the other agents present in Dallas had to learn to cope with the guilt they felt. During this time the agents had built a strong relationship, not just with John F Kennedy but also his wife and children. The agents felt like the failed their nation and the Kennedys. Agent Clint Hill was the agent assigned to Mrs. Kennedy at the time of the assassination. He is one of the main agents who helped with the details on the book and spoke about the failure he felt because he could not take the shot for the president. In the book he explains the gruesome details of the first ladys frustration as she tried to save her husbands life. Mr. Hills also speaks about the long-lasting trip to Parkland Hospital and how the experience still haunts him till this day. People should acknowledge his life before the assignation to truly understand why his sacrifice was so meaningful for many Americans.

I feel like this book gives the true hidden details and emotions from an event that changed the nation forever. The assassination of President John F Kennedy led to a change in security not just for public figures but for the nation. Kennedy had great presidential years to come but was cut short. Many were inspired by his policy ideas and without his innovative thinking and actions the United States would not be what it is today. This event changed history for years to come and The Kennedy Detail is a great book to understand more than what the history books say about Kennedy. I recommend this book to any person that wants to understand historys memorial event. As a person who has lives in Dallas, I always wonder more of the event and no other book has explained it as well as The Kennedys Detail.

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