How does Lincoln’s “Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg” Demonstrate his Rhetorical Skill?


The following essay is a summary of the address delivered by Abraham Lincoln during the time he was dedicating the cemetery of Gettysburg during the American civil war 1863. The speech came just after the war with the belief of transcendentalism which came upon with Henry, Ralph, Margaret and other members in a club. They had a conviction that one should accept ideas as a way in which they can understand relationships in life but not as beliefs of religion.

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The speech was one of the best with a rhetorical effect on the nation. Lincoln addressed the issue of human equality and democracy, he made people listen to his speech over and over again just to get the reason of having a civil war that will briing a new birth to the democracy of America.

Lincoln’s point of view

Lincoln’s speech being one of the best speech in America’s history it is said to be contradicting. He took time to examine the founding principles of the United States by putting forward his statement about the democrat America saying that are government that is made of people who have been chosen by the people to serve the interests of the people cannot perish. This speech supported to the utopian experiments which were started by the transcendalists in Brook farm and the Fruitland. Lincoln did not use the words “Gettysburg,” “slavery,” “confederate, “south” “Battle,” “Cemetery,” or “Union” to bring diversity among the Americans but spoke in abstract terms. He made his speech sound so unique from the Confederacy and this emphasized on healing the country as written in the declaration of independence.


The address Lincoln presented had many rhetorical devices which would have been taken as a poem but with the strategic use of grammatical parallelism, antithesis and repetition it was eventually understood even though the public reactions was divided.

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