Harsh Childhood of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was a African American who was born in February 1818. He had been taken from his mother, sisters, & brother at a young age, was forced into slavery, and was treated harshly.

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“Harsh Childhood of Frederick Douglass”

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Frederick was born in February 1818. He never had a childhood, because he was taken away from his mother, four sisters, and his one and only brother. When he was seven, he worked on the property of Captain Aaron Anthony for a few years until being sent to the North with the Auldr’s family. Frederick was treated better in the North, rather than being in the south. Mrs. Auld taught Frederick the basics of reading and writing until Mr. Auld stopped her. After Captain Anthony died, Frederick became a slave to Anthonyr’s son-in-law. Then he hired a slave breaker that beat slaves until they gave up and followed orders, until the Auldr’s family put Frederick in the shipyards to work. Then after a while Frederick borrowed a sailors identification to escape in New York where the Auldr’s family put him and escape from slavery in Maryland. Later on Frederick joined an Abolitionist group and went to meetings and shared his experiences when he was a slave.

What will Frederick do to help stop slavery of African Americans?
Frederick Douglass was born in February in the year of 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. He later chose to celebrate it on February 14th. Frederick had 4 sisters, 1 brother and his mother. He never knew or heard of his father in his life. Frederick didnt have much of a childhood, because he was taken away from his family at an early age, and he was forced into slavery. He had to take in harsh treatment while working as a slave on Captain Anthonyr’s land. In 1825 Captain Anthony sent Douglass to Baltimore, Maryland to work with the Auldr’s family, who treated him better than the south while he was a slave. When he was in the North Mrs. Auld taught Frederick the basics of reading and writing up until Mr. Auld stopped her.

When Captain Anthony died his son-in-law took over the property and hired a slave breaker that beat slaves until they give up and do what they are told without hesitation. Frederick fought back and the beatings from the slave breaker stopped. The Auld’s family found out about this and took Frederick to Baltimore, Maryland where he can work in the shipyards. In 1838 He borrowed identification papers from an African American sailor, so he could escape from New York. Frederick later married a free African American woman whose name is Anna Murray, and moved to Bedford, Massachusetts where they had 5 kids together. He became involved with in Antislavery up in the North. In 1841, Frederick was in an abolitionist meeting up in Nantucket, Massachusetts; he did a speech of his experience as a slave. After the speech he was immediately hired by an Antislavery society to give lectures. Frederick was an excellent speaker, they were well thought out and forceful. Everyone around him was inspired by his speeches and lectures, even Harvard students wanted to do an autobiography about Frederick Douglass. These Novels were from him (The Story of His Life, The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass) was published in 1845, after 10 years (My Bondage and My Freedom). In 1881 his third autobiography (Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.) These could have put him in danger, but it helped out in stopping slavery.

Frederick Douglass was taken away from his family, when he was at a young age. When he was forced into slavery he was treated terribly. Frederick worked for Captain Anthony for a few years until being sent to the Auldr’s family, where he learned the basics of reading and writing. Later on, when he got older he joined two groups which were; abolitionist and anti slavery movements. Frederick got into the speeches of his experience of being a slave and students from Harvard wanted to do autobiographies about him and stories. He helped stop slavery, even though these novels and books couldve put him in danger.

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